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Updated  June 9, 2005


NOTE: New antibodies are constantly being added and can best be found from our alphabetical antibody list.

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June 9,2005: anti-infectious salmon anemia virus  , mycobacterium tuberculosis RV2623,   RV3134

                      new clone HPV18

May 26, 2005: monoclonal anti-fibrillarin/Nop1p ,  monoclonal anti-alpha-internexin/nf66

                        rabbit anti-WWOX (WOX1), monoclonal anti- NF-H,   NF-L,  ,  NF-M

                       monoclonal anti-peripherin,  monoclonal anti-ubiquitin

May 20, 2005:  new recombinant human WISP-3, WISP-1, HB-0EGf & murine LIX

April 20, 2005:  New MABS: clostridium botulinum toxoid A,  toxoid B   and toxoid E Mabs,   HSV Core

April 5, 2005:   new: HRP-Stabilizing buffer for POLY-HRP and other HRP conjugates

March 16, 2005:   new Mouse IL-5 antibody pairs for Elispot  cat#RDI-M9515clb  $375.00

February 17, 2005: new mouse Interferon Beta Elisa cat#RDI-PB42400   $690.00/96 wells kit

February  7, 2005:  Prion Monoclonal ab clone 1E4 (multi-species reactive)

               A monoclonal antibody with high affinfity for proteinase K digested PrP Sc McAb 1E4 has its epitope at               position 108-119 of the bovine prion protein. In contrast to many other antibodies 1E4 has a very broad species reactivity. This enables the detection of prion proteins in biological samples of many species including mouse adapted BSE (301V)-infected mice, scrapie-infected sheep, scrapie infected hamster (263K), CWD infecteddeer, sCJD- and vCJD-infected human on Western blots. The special feature of McAb 1E4 is that its epitope is mostly hidden on non-digested prion proteins, but after Proteinase K digestion the epitope becomes better available on protease resistant PrP Sc which results in a significant signal increase.

January 16, 2005: recombinant protein MIA

                            new polyclonals antibodies to:  PRG3    TERE1    F-box protein ( abs to 2, 3, 4 & 5)                             

December 23:       recombinant proteins:  slyve-1,   sCD105,   Angiopoietin-1

                                  sample facs experiments with podoplanin and slyve  facs-lec.pdf

"isolation of lymph endothelial cells (LEC) from dermal skin capillary ECs"

October 2,2004:  Antibodies (rat anti-mouse IFN-Beta),  mouse anti-human IFNA:FITC

                             mouse anti-human IFN-Beta:FITC

October 1, 2004: Antibodies:   PAI-1,  alpha-2-Antiplasmin,  Complement C1q,  

                             Hair Keratins see listing hairkeratin.pdf

September 13, 2004: new antibody to mouse lyve-1 (with paraffin and frozen staining protocols)

August 2, 2004: new abs: kallikrein (7 abs), GLUT10 ,  HAP40 (Huntington-assoc protein)

         serpin,   survivin,   neuropeptide FF1,    PUMA,    Diablo  ,  PERP ,  ESDN

July 22, 2004:  Updated human antigen brochure (inquire for bulk pricing)

                           Download a partial catalog in .pdf format                            

       Note: large file, recommend right click and save on your hard disk.

July 7, 2004:    Updated brochure for troponin I, T , GPBB, C-ractive protein, BNP and more



June 29, 2004:  New antibodies:    tet repressor,   Nephrin,  

                           Expanded line Viral Antigens

June 16, 2004:  recombinant human  ApoE3/ApoE4,   PLGF-1,   HeregulinB1,

          Trefoil Factor 2,   VEGF121  ,   CTGFL/WISP-2,   IGF-BP3,    Angiopoietin-2 ,

March 23, 2004: updated clones for calcitonin, procalcitonin,   PAPP-A,  Hepatitis E,

February 9, 2004: Cytokine Elispot Kits

                              cat#RDI-M2536clb   Human Granzyme B  $750.00

                              cat#RDI-M2533clb   Human IFN-gamma   $500.00  

                              cat#RDI-M2514clb   Human IL-4               $500.00

                 --mouse anti-human podoplanin (monoclonal)

November 27, 2003: rec human Angiopoietin-2  -new antibodies to LyVE-1,  podoplanin (mouse)

October 26, 2003: new recombinant proteins:  activin,  adipolean variant,    Galectin-3,   Follistatin


August 27, 2003:  New viral proteins (influenza B, adenovirus and more...)

July 14, 2003: new antibody to PROX-1,

                       recombinant murine sCD40L,

                       recombinant human sFGFR4/chimera,   VEGF121/His , Tweak Receptor

May 28, 2003: recombinant human IL-13 analog,  rec rat IL-7,  murine RELM-Beta

March 31, 2003: recombinant human BMP-7, BMP-13

February 20, 2003: RAT IL-15,   Mouse FLT3-Ligand,  Murine SF20,  Murine MIP-3 Beta

January 29, 2003: Pelipairs for bulk cytokine, Elispot and Bio-Plex(tm)/Luminex(tm) use

November 26, 2002: New Human Granzyme B Elispot kit   Pelispot(tm)

November 12, 2002: rec human sIL4Ra,   rec murine IL-22,   rat IL-13,  murine RELM-Alpha

                                  rec rat VEGF-C152S

November 4, 2002:  Phage Titration Elisa and Hyperphage reagents

September 22, 2002: Bacillus Thurigiensis  (Bt)  New monoclonal, polyclonal, antigen and kit

August 21, 2002: recombinant murine TPO,   recombinant RAT SCF

                            New Influenza A virus strains

June 19, 2002:  antibodies: Aflatoxin, brucella abortus, new anthrax clones

                         rec proteins: murine April (proliferation inducuing ligand),   human BMP-14,

April 25, 2002:  new recombinant proteins murine M-CSF  ,  human IL-22, human sIL6R,

January 3, 2002: new recombinant proteins: BD-3, IL-20, 4-1BBR, NT-1, sTrail Receptor-1 & ,more

November 15, 2001: new recombinant products including:

                                 human: CXCL16, Il-13 analog, IL-19, LD-78B, resistin

                                 murine: sRankL, resistin, MIP-3A, CXCL16

November 1, 2001: Granzyme Reagents and kits available without restriction (no MTF required)

October 25, 2001:  New Kit list (many new research kits for human, monkey, rat , pig and viral antigens)

                                New recombinant rat leptin,  recombinant human sTi1-1, Tie-1 and others

                               New antibodies for anthrax (Bacillus antracis  protective antigen and lethal factor)

July 2, 2001;  sVEGFR (total), sVEGR1(free fraction) and VEGF(recpetor based Elisa)

March 9, 2001:  Granzyme A & Granzyme B Compact (tm) Kits

December 13, 2000: Recombinant Murine CTACK,     rec rat IL-2

November 13, 2000:New recombinant human cytokines:  

             BD-1  ,   Rank Receptor,    Viral MIP-2,    EMAP-II,   Hepatocyte Growth Factor,

August 23, 2000:   sVEGFR  (4 new recombinant human soluble VEGF receptors)

April 23, 2000:   western blot whole cell lysates and controls/reagents

                           pig cd clustered antibodies and sheep cd clustered antibodies


November 10, 1999: new recombinant cytokines, Stem Cell Growth Factor alpha & Beta, neurturin, NP-1

October 17, 1999: soluble VEGFR-1 Elisa (Elisa kit for the quantitative determination of recombinant and natural occurring human soluble vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1 (sVEGFR-1) in cell culture supernatants and complex biological fluids

October 11, 1999:  New Granzyme antibodies

May 21, 1999: Search Engine on line

May 5, 1999:  rec human eotaxin-3, sTNF-RI, TWEAk,  CNTF, rec murine MIG

                        see newest antibody additions from the alphabetical ab list

                       -steroid hormone Elisa kits

March 1, 1990: new cytokines/growth factors:FGF-8 & FGF-10

                          new antibodies added anti-rat IFN-gamma, serotonin receptors, tyrosine hydroxylase, GABA receptor,

January 22, 1999: Human Interferon Beta Elisa Kit

January 12, 1999: New anti-human CD abs for CD165 & CD166 (ALCAM)

                              -our 1999-Y2K newsletter released, call or email to request your copy

                              -new mini-packs on many cytokines see our cytokine listing

                              -review article on chemokines

October 1, 1998: New cytokines/chemokines rec human TECK, rec human I-TAC, rec murine IP-10, rec murine MIP-2

                              New Lower package pricing for many cytokines

June 23, 1998: Anti-Calpastatin Autoantibody Detection ELISA-for research use only

June 3: New chemokine, LEC/NCC-4

May 7, 1998:  new R-PE/CY5 conjugates available for the following antibodies (specs now in press, please inquire): CD2, CD3, CD4, CD5, CD7, CD8, CD10, CD13, CD14, CD16, CD19, CD20, CD22, CD25, CD27, CD29, CD31, CD33, CD34, CD38, CD43, CD45, CD45RA, CD45RO, CD54, CD55, CD59, CD86, CD117 see the CD chart.

April 21, 1998: Cytokine/chemokine update:Human MIP-5, murine rantes, rat leptin, rat IL-18, rat GM-CSF

                                                                       murine lymphotactin

April 20, 1998: Human Lipase kits (fluorometric) access through lipoprotein research   page

March 18, 1998: Cytokine/chemokine update: Human-Gro Gamma, exodus-2, MDC, MIP-4 and more...

January 23, 1998: AAV Titration Elisa-a new Elisa kit to quantitate AAV viron, AAV gene shuttles or AAV intact empty particles

December 16, 1997: New rec cytokines added including Cardiotrophonin-1, Leptin Receptor , MCP-4, Fractalkine and more...
                                 New adeno-associated virus antibodies and related antibodies added!

December 1: Thanks to evolving technology, the phone company has changed our area codes! Please note that our phone and fax number area codes are now (973) !  phone 973-584-7093   fax 973-584-0210

                     -New cytokine compact kits   for IL-1B and more... see also new anti-human interferon alpha Elisa kits!

October 31, 1997: See the new LDL receptor polyclonals from the lipoprotein antibodies list (new rabbit and chicken anti-LDL receptor antibodies suitable for western blotting, receptor binding studies and flow cytometry)

September 21, 1997: Our 1998 catalog/newsletter is now at the printers! Make sure you recieve a copy. Email us at for you own copy. To download a copy in Adobe PDF format, see our newsletter section.

September 15, 1997: new antibodies for Alzheimer's research: Amyloid Precursor Protein and Presenilin-1

                                   -see these and other antibodies from the neurohistology data pack

August 15, 1997: New viral antibodies and   viral antigens

July 29, 1997: epitope tagging antibodies being added in August see new: anti-green fluorescent protein,

                       , anti-maltose binding protein  and  more....

July 11, 1997: New developers kits for making immunoassays, immunoflow devices and more..
                        -see the new Surfactant ToolKit and Polymer Toolkit from our oem section.

June 23, 1997: New polyclonal anti-brdu (bromodeoxyuridine)

June 16, 1997:  CD clustered antibody table updated with new VIth workshop information (also see new antibodies  and clones now available. Many new Biotin conjugates.

                         Master antibody lists updated: Human Immunoglobulins, MHC , Tumor Antibodies,

                         access through the antibody data pack list

June 7, 1997:   New  Elisa kits for measuring Human Interferon Alpha,    

                                    Murine Interferon Gamma and    Rat Interferon  Gamma

June 3, 1997:   Learn more about Interleukin 18 and see our new human and mouse /rat cytokine lists

May 5, 1997:   rec Interferon Alpha subtypes , human growth hormone, universal interferon Type I,

                                  (access specs form the human cytokine page)

                        murine interferon alpha, beta and gamma, rat interferon gamma, BOVINE interferon

                                   (acesss specs from the murine/rat cytokine page)        

April 17, 1997: New Chemokine  Information

April 2, 1997:   MAP Kinase (ERK) antibodies, new anti-CD95 (Fas) and CD95L( FAS-L) clones

                        New recombinant cytokines available: human (IL-18, IL-12, SFB1B, PDGF-AB, TARC)

March 21, 1997:     BETA catenin antibodies distributed  by RDI

February 25, 1997 :    More Procedures and specs being added on line including:

    -cytokine kit inserts (full compact kit sample protocols)

     -New TMB for histochemical use

     -Janssen Biotech kit protocols (Fentanyl ,Sufentanil, Alfentanil & Haloperidol)

     -IgG Subclass book (learn about the immune system and immonoglobulin function. Book online with permission of CLB          Reagents-manufacturrer of  human IgG Subclass kits).

February 3, 1997: Paraffin Sections: see our list of sample protocols for antigen retrieval for paraffin sections

January 29, 1997: See our new list of kits available through RDI (IgG Subclass, Cytokine Kits, Drug Determination and more....


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