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  VIRAL ANTIGENS/Pure Proteins 

(for in vitro research use only)

RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antigens for use in histochemistry, ELISA, and further manufacturing use. Please inquire for other antigens or antibodies to use with these products. Please inquire for Bulk quantities-significant discounts available!


CAT#: RDI-TRK8AV13   $1500.00/1mg  $1062.00/0.5mg   $562.00/100ug    BULK QUOTES ON REQUEST

Source: Hela cells innocluated with Adenovirus type 6, strain Tonsil 99

Virus was grown on monolayer of HeLa cells. When the cultures showed pronounced c.p.e. virus containing medium was purified from cell fragments by low speed centrifugation (4000 rpm 40 min). Virus was pelleted by high speed centrifugation at 18000 rpm for 2.5 hours in the SW27 rotor for 20 min at 4°C, then the supernatant was collected and protein concentration was determined by Lowry method.

Solution in STE containing 0.1% sodium azide and 0.005 % merthiolate.

This product has been treated in a manner consistent with methods of inactivation. Generally accepted good laboratory practices appropriate to microbiological/viral safe handling practices and techniques is required at work.

Analysis: Purity more than 90% according to 7.5% SDS-PAGE

Activity: Has been tested with anti-adenovoirus monoclonal antibodies (Cat#RDI-TRK3AV13) in ELISA

For In Vitro Research or Further Manufacturing Use Only

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