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Additional Pure Substances available through Research Diagnostics Inc: the following items can be special ordered through RDI (allow 7-10 days or more for delivery). These are pure chemicals coresponding to USP Grade. An MSDS form will be included with each shipment along with a statement of purity . These products may have unkown hazards and should only be ordered by researchers specifically trained in handling research chemicals. All products are strictly for in vitro analytical use and are not for food, drug, cosmetic use and not for use in or on humans or animals. Please contact us for additional compounds not listed below (for Janssen Biotech items, please Janssen Biotech .

All items are priced at US$375.00/package unless otherwise noted. . Price/availability subject to change without notice. Where indicated, Backorder indicates no remaining material, new lot in preparation. New Lot indicates a new lot is in testing and expected to be available by the indicated date (past/current lot still available subject to stock. )

Order for these compounds must be faxed on company purchase order or letterhead to 973-584-0210 and include catalog#, name, quantity, and price

They can ONLY be shipped to Research Facilities (not for public/food/drug or cosmetic use).

USP GRADE  PAGE INDEX: (click on page numbers)

Acebutol HCL             thru       Aminohippuric acid  (see below)

Aminosalicyclic Acid    thru       Betaxolol HCL                             Page   2

Betazole                       thru      Ceftazidime Pentahydrate              Page   3

Ceftizoxime                  thru      Clioquinol                                      Page  4

Clocortolone Pivalate   thru       Denatonium Benzoate                    Page  5

Despiramine HCL        thru       Dipivefrin                                      Page   6

Dipyridamole               thru       Ethopropazine HCL                      Page   7

Ethosuximide               thru       Glycopyrrolate                              Page   8

Gramicidin                   thru       Indomethacin                                Page   9

Insulin                          thru       Lisinopril                                      Page  10

Lithium Carbonate       thru       Methicillin Sodium                        Page  11

Methimazole                thru       Naloxone                                     Page  12

Naltrexone                   thru       Paramethadione                           Page  13

Paramethasone acetate thru       Ploacrilex resin                             Page 14

Polacrilin potassium      thru       Pyridoxine HCL                           Page 15

Pyrilamine maleate        thru       Sulconazole Nitrate                      Page 16

Sulfabenzamide             thru       Tolazoline Hcl                              Page 17

Tolbutamide                  thru       Zomepirac sodium                       Page 18

catalog#              Description                        Size

RDI-U000601      Acebutol HCL                    125mg  

RDI-U001003      Acenocoumarol                   200mg

RDI-U001502      Acepromazine Maleate        250mg

RDI-U003009      Acetaminophen                    1 Gram

RDI-U005004      Acetazolamide                     2 Grams

RDI-U006007      Acetohexamide                    250mg

RDI-U006506      Acetoxhydroxamic Acid       200mg

RDI-U007000     Acetophenazine Maleate        200mg

RDI-U008501     Acetylcholine Chloride           200mg  

RDI-U009005     Acetylcysteine                        200mg  

RDI-U012000     Acrisorcin                              200mg

RDI-U012065     Acyclovir                               300mg  *$375.00/vial

RDI-U012101     Adenine                                 200mg

RDI-U012145     Agigenin 25mg                      25mg

RDI-U012509     L-Alanine                               200mg

RDI-U012553     Albendazole                           200mg

RDI-U012600     Albuterol                                200mg

RDI-U012633     Albuterol Sulfate                    200mg

RDI-U012757     Alclometasone Diproprinate   300mg

RDI-U017105     Altretamine 500mg

RDI-U013002     Allopurinol                             250mg

RDI-U018505     Amantadine HCL                   200mg

RDI-U-19202     Amcinonide                            200mg  

RDI-U019508     Amkiacin                               200mg

RDI-U019701     Amiloride HCL                      500mg

RDI-U019756     Aminobenzeoate Potassium      200mg

RDI-U019767     Aminobenzoate Sodium          200mg

RDI-U019803     Aminobenzoic (para) acid    200mg

RDI-U021000     Aminocaproic Acid               200mg

RDI-U025205     Aminoglutethimide                 200mg

RDI-U025351     Aminohippuric Acid               200mg

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