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Immunoasaay Enhancers

for Researchers and Manufacturers

READY TO USE TMB -Now in three new formulations


TMB-S  (ready to use peroxidase substrate for Elisa)

cat#RDI-TMB-S-1L     $312.00/1 Liter per bottle , $281.00/liter 5+  BULK QUOTES ON REQUEST!

 -approx 1.25mMol/L TMB, Hydrogen peroxide, 2.21 mMol/L and less than 1% DMSO in a 0.08 Mol/L acetate buffer at pH3.1 plus other proprietary enhancers.

One component (premixed TMB and H202) , stable up to 18 months at room temp or 24 months at 2-8 DEG C. Suitable for most Elisa assays. Incubate 5-15 minutes and read the blue color at 650nm or for added sensitivity stop with 0.25 Mol/L HCL or 0.5Mol/L sulfuric acid) to produce a yellow color that can be read at 450nm . Color stable for 5-10 minutes after stopping

TMB-S (Stable stop)   cat#RDI-TMBSX-1L   $312.00/1 Liter bottle Bulk quotes on Request

-approx 1.25mMol/L TMB, .21mmolL H2)2, <1% DMSO, in a 0.08Mol/L acetate buffer at pH4.9. One component (premixed TMB and H202), stable for up to 18 months at room temp or 24 months at 2-8 DEG C. Can be used for most Elisa assays or endpoint reactions. The yellow product is stable for at least 1 hour displaying less than a 1% loss in absorbance when stopped with 0.5Mol/L HCL).

ULTRA-TMB-S (high sensitivity)  cat#RDI-TMBSU-1L    $250.00/500ml  $438.00/1Liter   $375.00/Liter 5 or more

-approx 2.08mMol/l TMB, 2.21mol/L Hydrogen peroxide, in a citric acid buffer at pH 3.3 plus proprietary stabilizers. One component (pre-mixed TMB & H202), stable for up to 18 months at room temp or 24 months at 2-8 DEG C. Ultrasensitive, fast acting. Incubate 2-15minutes and read the blue color at 650nm. Use of a stop solution (0.3Mol/l sulfuric acid  produces a yellow end product that can be read at 450nm.  Color stable up to 2 hours.

Optimization Buffer for ULTRA-TMB-S  catr#RDI-TMBSU-DIL  $375.00/liter

-used for diluting the TMB to acheive optimal OD reading while maintaining stability;

TMB Test Pack (contains 3 bottles ,100ml each of the 3 TMB formulations)  cat#RDI-TMB-TEST  $312.00

TMB-S produces a blue, soluble end product which can be read at 370nm or 650nm. By using a stop solution (as 1M H3PO4 or 0.5 Mol/L HCL etc), an additional increase in sensitivity of 2-4 fold is possible with a resulting yellow solution which can be read at 450nm.

Sample Protocol:


Stop Reagents:

A. 0.1% sodium fluoride for stopping reaction and preserving blue chromogen

B. For Acid stopping and converting the blue radical to the yellow diimine:

Add either 0.5 Mol/L sulfuric acid or 0.25mol/L HCL. The absorbance must be read within 5 minutes after stopping. If longer time is required, use cat#RDI-TMBSX-1L.

1. Complete all required incubations with antibodies, probes and HRP labeled reagents

2. Wash Plates at least 4 times with phosphate buffered saline or tris buffred saline containing 0.1% Tween-20

3. After the final wash, shake and blot all residual buffer from plate wells.

4. Add 0.1ml of TMB-S-1L solution to appropriate wells and incubate 5- 30 minutes

-Note: The reaction time will depend upon the activity of the HRP probe. If color develops too briskly, zero order kinetics will not prevail. Dilution of probe, antibody or HRP labeled reagent may be required.

5. The reaction can be monitored as a function of time for kinetic assays or stopped with 0.1ml of 0.1% sodium fluoride and read at 450nm.

6. If the procedure demands conversion to the yellow diimine, add 0.1ml of either acid described in the reagent section and record the absorbance within 5 minutes.

Variations of time, reagent volume and temperature require   standardization by the user.

For Research or Further Manufacturing Use Only

FOR BLOTTING APPLICATIONS: TMB-ppt  (ready to use peroxidase substrate for blotting

cat#RDI-TMB-PPT  $281.00/500ml    $438.00/1 Liter  BULK QUOTES ON REQUEST

This ready to use peroxidase substrate contains TMB (3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine). Its features a long shelf life (up to 18 months from date of manufacture) and is a convenient 1 step product (no need to mix or measure components prior to use!). Store at 18-26 Deg C or Refrigerate. TMB-ppt produces a blue, insoluble end product at the reaction site with little or no background. In immunohistochemistry, must use an aqueous based counter-stain or mounting media (solvent based will dissolve the precipitate). Click here for additional information.


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Larger amounts quoted on request. Pricing subject to change without notice. Supply contracts are welcome, pricing based on amount shipped at same time.

These Ready-To-Use HRP Substrates are an excellent companion for our POLY-HRP-Streptavidin, Diluent Buffer and oxygen Barrier Pouches . Together you should see a greatly increased sensitivity , stability and increased customer satisfaction.

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