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POLYMER TOOLKIT       cat#RDI-POLYMYRKT      $1250.00

The Polymer Toolkit contains 16 individual polymers which will help solve your reagent kit problems. These polymers have been proven by hands on experience to be the most useful ones for the development of diagnostic test kits. Shelf-life extension, reagent stabilization, non-hemclyzing traits are among the many properties you will find for these polymers.

You Get These Advantages:

*Extended Shelf-Life

*Reagent Stabilization

*Enzyme Stabilization

*Block Non-Specific Binding

*Reagent Encapsulation

*Controlled Release Agents

*Blood Separation Aids

*Porosity/viscosity Modifiers

*Film forming/Thickening Agents

*Indicator Mordants

*Non-Hemolyzing Agents

*Stabilizing Agents

*Compatible With Organic Solvents

*Reproducible Sample Uptake

*Salt Resistance

The use of polymers in in-vitro diagnostic test kits is well known to those skilled in the art, but the polymers may not be readily available to laboratory investigators who are new to this technology. The Polymer ToolKit distributed by RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl is the first step to solving this problem. Even experienced reagent developers will find new polymers and properties which they have not used before.

What You Will Receive....

We include 16 nonionic and anionic polymers. Bottles contain 75 to 200 grams of each polymer. Included for each polymer are its trade name, chemical names, physical form, molecular weight, and examples of its function, all in a handy clamshell case. MSDS  sheets are available on request for each polymer. Directions for dissolution of the polymers and addition to reagent mixes are included. Application notes, definitions, and reagent optimizations sheets may be requested.

Are You In Any of these Areas?

*Reagent Kit Development

*DryReagent Strip Tests

*Medical Diagnostic Test Kits

*Environmental Test Kits

*Immunoassay Kits

*ELISA Test Systems

*Point of Care Test Systems

*Screening Tests

*Immuno-Chromatographic Assays

*Particle Immunoassays

*Decentralized Test Systems

Kit contents:(Part#, Chemical Name, Trade Name, Type, Physical State, and function)

P# P-1, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, PVP K-30, Nonionic, Powder,

Function: Stabilizing agent for enzymes. Encapsulation & controlled release agent. Binder, stabilizer, protective colloid, & film former.

P# P-2, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, PVP K-90, Nonionic, Powder,

Function: Stabilizing agent for glucose tests.Encapsulation &  controlled release agent. Binder, stabilizer, protective colloid, & film former.

P# P-3, Poly(methylvinylether-co-maleic anhydride), GANTREZ AN-139,

Anionic, Powder,. Function: Stabilizing agent, Indicator mordant. Specific gravity test reagent. Clear film former, dispersing agent, protective colloid. Crosslinked by polyols & polyamines.

P# P-4, Polyethylene oxide, POLYOX WSR-301, Nonionic, Powder,

Functions: Gentle stahbilizing agent. Suspension agent. Salt resistant.

P# P-5, Polyethylene glycol, PEG 8000, Nonionic, Powder,

Functions: Gentle stabilizing agent.

P# P-6, Poly(methylvinylether-co-maleicanhydride, GANTREZ AN-119,

Anionic, Powder,. Functions: Indicator mordant.

P# P-7, Polyvinylalcohol, ELVANOL 71-50, Nonionic, Powder,

Functions: Viscosity, porosity modifier.

P# P-8, Vinylpyrrolidone/vinylacetate, PVP/VA S360, Nonionic, Powder,

Functions: Wetting agent, Stabilizing agent.

P# P-9, Bony fish gelatin, TELEOSTEAN, GELATIN, Zwitterionic,

Granules, Non-specific protein binding blocking agent.

P# P-10, Polyacrylic acid polymer, crosslinked, CARBOPO EZ-1,

Anionic, Powder,. Functions: Stabilizing, thickening agent.

P# P-11, Hydroxypropylcellulose, KLUCEL EEF, Nonionic, Powder,.

Functions: Thickening agent; Blood separation aid, Non-hemolyzing.

P# P-12, Sodium carboxymethylcellulose, CELLULOSE GUM 7LF, Anionic,

Powder,. Functions: Thickening agent, Blood separation aid, Non-hemolyzing.

P# P-13, Sodium polystyrenesulfonate, FLEXAN 130, Anionic, 30%

liquid,. Functions: Thickening agent in glucose controls, Salt resistant.

P# P-14, Sodium carageenin, VISCARIN GP 309, Anionic, Powder,.

Functions: Stabilizing agent for glucose tests.

P# P-15, Acrylic latex, UCAR 456, Anionic, Water emulsion, .

Functions: Film forming agent. Non-hemolysing.

P# P-16, Hydroxyethylcellulose, NATROSOL 250LR, Nonionic, Powder,

Functions: Thickening agent. Blood separation aid, Non-hemolyzing.

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