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RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antibodies. Since no one antibody works best for all applications (flow cytometry, neutralization, blotting, histochemistry, ELISA, etc), we offer many different types of antibodies to help solve this problem. Please inquire for other applications or types of antibodies not listed below. All products are for in vitro research use only-not for use in or on humans or animals-not for use in diagnostics. Price/availability/specifications subject to change without notice.

click on blue links for specs or see below chart, please email  for any not listed/linked.

Reactivity CLONE#
CD1 76-7-4
CD2 1038h-8-31


CD3 BB23-8E6-8C8






CD8 MIL-12


CD11a BL2F1
CD11b CA16.3.E10



CD11d CA16.3D3
CD14 MIL-2


CD16 G7
CD18 PNK-1


CD21 b-ly4
CD25 231.3B2
CD29 NaM160-1A3
CD31 TLD-3A12 (rat)
CD44 MAC329


CD45 K252-1E4




CD46 Jm6c11
CD47 BRIC126 (human)
CD49d HP2/1 (human clone)
CD49e JBS5 (human clone)


CD49f GOH3
CD54 15.2 (human clone)
CD56 ERIC-1 (human clone)
CD61 JM2E5
CD62E/P 1.2B6 (human clone)
CDw75 LN-1 (human clone)
CD79beta AT107-2 (human)
CD90 5E10
CD95 DX2
CD106 1.G11B1 (human clone)
CD144 I23
CD152 BNI3
CD235a 1AC11
Endothelial MIL 11
HLA Class II DQ SPV-L3 (human clone)


monocytes/macrohages/neutrophils MIL-2
Neutrophils/eosinophils MIL-4
monocytes/granulocytes 74-22-15A
SLA-DR 1053h2-18-1
SLA-Class1 JM1E3
KI-67 B56
Interferon gamma   P2G10

The following monoclonals are available which have been shown to react with  Pig/Swine systems. These research reagents are provided as 100ug purified  in PBS or Tris buffer with 0.1% NaN3. Data sheets are provided with each antisera which may contain additional details. All products are for in vitro research use only-not for use in or on humans or animals-Not for use in Diagnostics.
CAT#                   Description        CLONE      ISOTYPE   PRICE
RDI-PGCD1-74          PIG CD1                   76-7-4            mIgG2ak          $344.00/100ug

  -reacts with porcine CD1 antigen which is expressed on swin B cells (30-70%), macrophages, and immature thymocytes.     There is no report of clone 76-7-4 reactivity on dendritic cells.  Suitabole for flow, IP, cytotoxicity and IHC use.

     ref:Denham, S et al, 1994:Vet Immunol and Immunopathol. 43:259

          Saalmuller A. 1996 Immunol Today 17:352-354

RDI-PGCD2a-31        Pig CD2a                 1038h-8-31      mIgM             $344.00/100ug

-reacts with porcine CD2 molecule (LFA-2) presnt on approx 70% of porcine peripheral blood lymphocytes, and on greater than 95% of thymoytes. This antibody does not cross-react with human peripheral blood cells. Suitable for flow.

     ref:Smith, C.V. et al, 1994. Journal of Immunotherapy with Emphasis on Tumor Immunology 16:105

           Pescovitz,M.D. et al, 1994: Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 43:229

RDI-PGCD4A-4          Pig CD4a                 74-12-4      mIgG2b             $344.00/100ug       

RDI-PGCD4A-4FT    $469.00/100ug FITC     RDI-PGCD4A-4PE   $500.00/100ug PE

-reacts with porcine CD4, a 55 kDa antigen expressed on porcine T cells. It demonstrates a pattern similar to human CD4. This antibody does not react with porcine CD8 cells and does not cross react with human or bovine cells. Suitable for flow cytometry and in depleting pig CD4 cells in vivo. Note:There is a polymorphism of this molecule in minature swine.

    ref: Smith, C.V. et al, 1994 Journal of Immunotherapy with emphasis on Tumor Immunology 16:105

           Sundt, T.M. et al 1992, J. immunol. 148:3195

RDI-PGCD8a-11          Pig CD8a               76-2-11      mIgG2a             $344.00/100ug

RDI-PGCD8A-11FT    $469.00/100ug FITC     RDI-PGCD8A-11PE   $500.00/100ug PE

RDI-PGCD8A-11BT    $469.00/100ug Biotin conj

-reacts with porcine CD8A,  35 kda antigen expressed on swine T cells. It demonstartes a pattern similarto human CD8 displaying a dim and bright population. This antibody does not react with porcine CD4+ cells and does not cross with human or bovine cells.

      ref:Smith, C. V. et al 1994: Journal of Immunotherapy with Emphasis on Tumor Immunology 16:105

RDI-PGMONGRAN     Pig  Monocytes/Granulocytes     74-22-15A      mIgG2b             $406.00/100ug

-reacts with >90% porcine monocytes and granulocytes and <5% porcine peripheral blood lymphocytes. It does not cross-react with human or bovine cells. Also known as SWC3a.Suitable for flow and IP.

     ref:Pescovitz, M.D. 1984: J. Immunol. 133:368

RDI-PGSLADR       Pig  SLA-Dr                 1053h2-18-1     mIgG2a             $406.00/100ug

-reacts wth swine leukocyte antigen-DR (SLA-DR) expressed on a subset of pig B lymphocytes, activated T cell, and monocytes, but not on granulocytes. It reacts with endothelial cells, Langerhans cells, and macrophages. Anti-SLA-Dr also binds to thymocytes and T lymphocytes in peripheral lymphoid tissues. Suitable for flow.

    ref: Yamada, K. et al, 1995. J. immunol. 155:5249.

ALSO available, CD antisera specific for human,  Mouse,   Rat,   rabbit,  sheep, bovine and guinea pig antigens. See our main catalog or call/fax your request.
Price, specifications and availability subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for any patent infringements that might result from theuse or derivation of these or any products ALL PRODUCTS ARE FOR IN VITRO RESEARCH USE ONLY-NOT FOR USE IN OR ON HUMANS OR ANIMALS-NOT FOR DIAGNOSTICS.

RDI Division of researchd Industries Intl

(formerly RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl)

San Jose, 95123 CA Snell ave 658


or 408-780-0908

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