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RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl: Newsletter in PDF format

Our new newsletter/catalog (1999 version) is now at the printers.  To receive the full printed version (and to get on our mailing list) or receive product specific spec sheets, please call or send us an Email message!

To get your copy on line, Please click on the respective column numbers to download the various sections of our current newsletter/catalog. click on the column and then save the file with the browser save function (under file heading). To save you time, we have split the newsletter pages into like product groups.

Please note, the newsletter is an overview of our product line (the web site itself will always contain the most up to date information).

If you do not already have the Adobe personal version (FREEWARE) of acrobat reader, please click here to download your own free copy directly from Adbobe software. HTML (regular web viewable) versions of  most product spec sheets can be now be found on line . Click on "topics"  located on our home page to go to the specific sections. (please call for more detailed spec sheets on any products to be faxed or mailed!)

Available Download files: PDF format adobe pdf icon

Cover Page/Index, New Kits  &                3 pages       

   Web Ste Antibody Directory  

Human CD Clustered monoclonals          7 pages    

including Flow Cytometry Controls &  T Cell Stimulation Antibodies

(to view a CD table and access on line spec sheets to many of our different

CD monoclonals in HTML format,Click here to go to CD index)

-please inquire for antibodies reactive with rabbit, mouse,   rat,  guinea pig and other species!

-see human antibody list for some cross species reactive antibodies

Monoclonals & Polyclonals:            8 Pages   

includes monoclonals against growth factors receptors, MHC,  p53 oncoproteins, cytokeratins, tumor markers, toxins viruses and pure proteins for use as standards/controls  including Troponin T, Troponin I, cytokeratins and more.. and Specialty anti-rat/mouse/human immunoglobulin  monoclonals (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG & IgM) new polyclonals

Click here to access antibody index (data pack summary) or the alphabetical antibody list in HTML format-no pdf reader required)

Recombinant Cytokines & Growth Factors       4 Pages      

includes human/mouse and rat pure cytokines, growth   factors,chemokines and antisera + Compact

and Ready to USe Elisa kits for human cytokines.

-View cytokine table with on line specs to pure cytokine and antibodies

in HTML format- Click here to access Cytokine Table)


POLY HRP Conjugates with Streptavidin and  goat anti-mouse IgG + IgM for ELISA/DNA

probes & Histochemistry

Ready to use TMB products ,HRP and alkaline phosphatase stabilizer solutions

OEM Development tools (polymer and surfactant kits for immunoflow devices)

-see on line OEM section!

Human Protein Antigens/Pituitary Hormones/   4 Pages 

Viral Antigens and Bulk Golds Sols    

see also HTM files of our antigens with on line specs

GOLD Antibody Conjugates for EM/LM/Blotting use   1 Page (view)  

Gold conjugated second antibodies for EM/LM and Blotting Use

See our HTML files for much more info on gold products, click here to access GOLD.

JANSSEN BIOTECH Drug Research Products:       7   Pages 

includes pure Janssen anti-fungals and drugs, Internal Standards & Metabolites , RIA kits, Antibodies,

& Tracers, Janssen Cell Biology Reagents/Inhibitors -see html sections -Click here for Janssen products-

Cytochrome 450 Reagents  (Native and Recombinant Enzymes)    4 Pages

Antibodies (inhibiton and western blot protocols) and more...             

also see the regular cytochrome P450 section

Specialized Equipment/Reagents for Electrophoresis         1 Page

including semi-dry electroblotter, vertical gel system

Ordering terms:                                                                        

RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl

San Jose, 95123 CA Snell ave 658


phone 408-780-0908 or

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