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rev:February 21, 2005

Additional USP Grade Pure Substances available through Research Diagnostics Inc:

$375.00/package   unless indicated 

Orders for these compounds must be faxed on company purchase order or letterhead to 973-584-0210 and include catalog#, name, quantity, and price

They can ONLY be shipped to Research Facilities (not for public/food/drug or cosmetic use).  

catalog#                Description Size
RDI-U138507       Clocortolone Pivalate 200mg

RDI-U138904       Clofazimine 200mg

RDI-U139000       Clofibrate 1 Gram

RDI-U140000       Clomiphene Citrate 500mg    

RDI-U140101       Clomiphene Citrate Related compound A 100mg  $500.00

RDI-U140407      Clonidine HCL 200mg

RDI-U140702      Clorsulon 200mg

RDI-U141002      Clotrimazole 250mg  

RDI-U141909      Cloxacillin Benzathine 200mg

RDI-U142005       Cloxacillin Sodium 200mg  

RDI-U142107       Clozapine 100mg  ($525.00)

RDI-U146006       Colchicine 300mg

RDI-U146505       Colestipol HCL 200mg

RDI-U147009       Colistimethate Sodium 200mg

RDI-U148001       Colistin Sulfate 200mg    

RDI-U148500       Copovidone 100mg

RDI-U150003       Cortisone Acetate 150mg

RDI-U150353       Creatinine 100mg

RDI-U150502       Cromolyn Sodium 250mg

RDI-U150706       Crospovidone 200mg  

RDI-U151006       Crotamiton 200mg

RDI-U152508       Cyclacillin 200mg

RDI-U154004       Cyclizine HCL 200mg

RDI-U154503       Cyclobenzaprine HCL 200mg

RDI-U154558       Alpha Cyclodextrin 50mg

RDI-U154569       Beta Cyclodextrin 250mg    see also hydroxpropyl-cyclodextrin

RDI-U154707       Cyclomethicone 4 200mg

RDI-U154809       Cyclomethicone 5 200mg  

RDI-U154900       Cyclomethicone 6 200mg

RDI-U155007       Cyclomethycaine Sulfate 300mg

RDI-U156000       Cyclopentolate HCL 300mg

RDI-U157002       Cyclophosphamide 500mg

RDI-U158005       Cycloserine 200mg

RDI-U158504       Cyclosporine 50mg  ($750.00)

RDI-U158650       Cyclosporine Resolution Mixture (25mg)  $690.00

RDI-U159008       Cyclothiazide 200mg

RDI-U161000       Cyproheptadine HCL 500mg

RDI-U161509       L-Cysteine HCL 200mg

RDI-U162002       Cytarabine 250mg

RDI-U162308       Dacarbazine 200mg

RDI-U162400       Dactinomycin 50mg     ($750.00)

RDI-U162501       Danazol 200mg

RDI-U164008       Dapsone 125mg  

RDI-U164700       Daunorubicin Hcl 125mg   ($815.00)

RDI-U165000       Decamethonium Bromide 250mg

RDI-U166003       Deferoxamine Mesylate 500mg

RDI-U166309       Dehydroacetic Acid 200mg

RDI-U166502       Dehydrocholic Acid 200mg

RDI-U169001       Demacarium Bromide 250mg

RDI-U170000       Demeclocycline HCl 200mg

RDI-U171003       Denatonium Benzoate 200mg

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