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rev:February 21, 2005

Additional USP Grade Pure Substances available through Research Diagnostics Inc:

$375.00/package   unless indicated 

Orders for these compounds must be faxed on company purchase order or letterhead to 973-584-0210 and include catalog#, name, quantity, and price

They can ONLY be shipped to Research Facilities (not for public/food/drug or cosmetic use). 

catalog#               Description Size

RDI-U670003       Tolbutamide 200mg  

RDI-U670502       Tolmetin sodium  500mg

RDI-U671006       Tolnaftate 200mg  

RDI-U672304        Torsemide 200mg

RDI-U673500       Trazodone HCl 200mg  

RDI-U674004       Tretinoin 150mg  

RDI-U675007       Triacetin 1 Gram

RDi-U676000       Triamcinolone 250mg  

RDI-U677002       Triamcinolone Acetonide 500mg

RDI-U678005       Triamcinolone Diacetate 200mg

RDI-U679008       Triamcinolone Hexacetonide 125mg

RDI-U688007       Triamterene 200mg  

RDI-U680608       Tributyl citrate 500mg

RDI-U680801       Trichlorfon 200mg

RDI-U681000       Trichlormethiazide 200mg

RDI-U682206        Triclosan 200mg

RDI-U683005       Tridihexethyl Chloride 200mg

RDI-U683504       Trientine HCl 125mg  

RDI-U685000       Trifluperazine HCl 200mg

RDI-U686003       Triflupromazine HCl 200mg

RDI-U686309       Trifluridine 200mg

RDI-U687006       Trihexyphenidyl HCl 200mg

RDI-U689001       Trimeprazine Tartrate 200mg

RDI-U690000       Trimethadione 200mg

RDI-U692006       Trimethobenzamide HCl 500mg

RDI-U692505        Trimethoprim 300mg

RDI-U693009       Trioxsalen 200mg

RDI-U694001       Tripelennamine citrate 200mg

RDI-U695004       Tripelennamine HCl   200mg  

RDI-U696007       Triprolidine HCl 500mg

RDI-U697000       Troleandomycin  250mg

RDI-U698002        Tromethamine (125mg)

RDI-U699005       Tropicamide 125mg

RDI-U700002       Trypsin crystallized 300mg

RDI-U700501        L-Tryptophan 200mg

RDI-U702008        Tubocurarine chloride 250mg  

RDI-U703805        Tylosin 250mg

RDI-U704003        Tyloxapol 600mg  

RDI-U704502        Tyropanoate sodium 500mg

RDI-U705006        L-tyrosine 500mg

RDI-U705301       Ubidencarenone 200mg        

RDI-U705505        Undecyclenic Acid 200mg

RDI-U705800       Uracil Arabinoside 50mg

RDI-U706009        Uracil mustard 500mg

RDI-U707806        Ursodiol 125mg

RDI-U708503         L-valine 200mg

RDI-U708707         Valproic Acid 500mg  

RDI-U709007       Vancomycin HCl 4 vials (100,500ug activity each)

RDI-U710006        Vanillin 200mg

RDi-U711202        Verapamil HCl 200mg  

RDI-U711508        Vidarabine 200mg

RDI-U713004        Vinblastine sulfate 50mg  $625.00

RDI-U714007        Vincristine sulfate 50mg   $940.00

RDI-U715000       Viomycin sulfate 200mg

RDI-U716002       Vitamin A   10 ampules  

RDI-U717708        Vitexin 30mg  $940.00

RDI-U719000        Warfarin (tm) 200mg  

RDI-U719102        Warfarin(tm) Rel CPMD A 50mg  

RDI-U720000        Xanthanoic Acid 100mg   $940.00

RDI-U720203        Xanthone 100mg $940.00

RDI-U720407        Xylazine 200mg

RDI-U720429        Xylazine Hcl 200mg

RDI-U720600        Xylitol 1 Gram

RDI-U721002        Xylometazoline HCl 125mg

RDI-U722005        Xylose 1 Gram

RDI-U72400          Yohimbine HCL 200mg

RDI-U724306        Zalcitabine 200mg

RDI-U724500        Zidovudine 400mg

RDI-U724656        Zileuton 150mg

RDI-U724805        Zolazepam HCL  500mg

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