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rev: January 25, 2005

Additional USP Grade Pure Substances available through Research Diagnostics Inc:


Order for these compounds must be faxed on company purchase order or letterhead to 973-584-0210 and include catalog#, name, quantity, and price

They can ONLY be shipped to Research Facilities (not for public/food/drug or cosmetic use).

catalog#                Description Size
RDI-U623706       Sulfabenzamide 200mg

RDI-U623808       Sulfacetamide 300mg

RDI-U624006       Sulfacetamide Sodium 500mg

RDI-U624505       Sulfachlorpyridazine 200mg

RDI-U625009       Sulfadiazine 200mg

RDI-U626001       Sulfadimethoxine 200mg

RDI-U626500       Sulfadoxine 200mg

RDI-U628007       Sulfamerazine 500mg

RDI-U629000       Sulfamethazine 1 Gram

RDI-U630009       Sulfamethizole 200mg

RDI-U631001       Sulfamethoxazole 200mg

RDI-U632004       Sulfanilamide 5 Gram

RDI-U633506       Sulfanilic Acid 200mg  

RDI-U634000       Sulfapyridine 200mg

RDI-U635206       Sulfaquinoxaline 200mg

RDI-U636005       Sulfasalazine 200mg 

RDI-U636504       Sulfathiazole 350mg

RDI-U637008       Sulfinpyrazone 200mg

RDI-U638000       Sulfisoxazole 200mg

RDI-U639003       Sulfisoxazole Acetyl 200mg

RDI-U640002       Sulfisoxazole Diolamine 500mg

RDI-U642008       Sulindac 200mg

RDI-U642507       Suprofen 200mg

RDi-U642700        Tacrine HCL 500mg

RDI-U643306       Tamoxifen Citrate 200mg

RDI-U643361        Taurine 100mg

RDI-U643500       Terbutaline Sulfate 125mg

RDI-U643452       Terazosin HCL 200mg

RDI-U643703        Terconazole 200mg

RDI-U643805        Terfenadine 200mg

RDI-U643907        Terfernadine Rel CMPD A  inquire $940.00

RDI-U644003        Terpin Hydrate 750mg

RDI-U650006        Tetracaine HCl 200mg  

RDI-U651009        Tetracycline HCl 200mg  

RDI-U652001        Tetrahydrolzoline HCl 200mg

RDI-U653004        Theophylline 200mg

RDI-U655000       Thiabendazole 100mg

RDI-U656002       Thiamine HCl 500mg  

RDI-U657005       Thiethylperazine malate 200mg

RDI-U658008       Thiethylperazine maleate 200mg

RDI-U659000       Thimerosal 500mg

RDI-U660000       Thioguanine 200mg

RDI-U662504       Thioridazine 200mg

RDI-U662504       Thioridazine HCl 200mg

RDI-U6637000      Thiostrepton  200mg

RDI-U664000       Thiotepa  500mg  

RDI-U665003       Thiothixene 250mg

RDI-U667100       Thonzonium Bromide 100mg

RDI-U667202       L-Threonine 200mg

RDI-U667290       Tiamulin Fumarate 250mg

RDI-U667304       Ticarcillin monosodium monohydrate 200mg  

RDI-U667406       Timolol Maleate 200mg

RDI-U667520       Tinidazole 200mg

RDI-U667439       Tioconazole 200mg   (inquire for related Test compounds A, B & C)

RDI-U667508       Tobramycin 200mg

RDI-U667552       Tocainide HCl  125mg

RDI-U667600       Alpha Tocopherol 250mg  

RDI-U667701       Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate 250mg  

RDI-U667803      Alpha Tocopheryl Acid succ 250mg

RDI-U668001      Tolazamide 200mg

RDI-U669004      Tolazoline HCl 300mg


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