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(anti-Human and others as indicated)

RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antibodies. Since no one antibody works best for all applications (neutralization, blotting, histochemistry, ELISA, etc), we offer many different types of antibodies to help solve this problem. Please inquire for other applications or types of antibodies not listed below.

ANTI-Actin  (see monolconals and polyclonals below)

-seee also cardiac actin and pure actin antigen

Mouse anti-Actin (skeletal mucle)

-cat#RDI-ACTINSKabm   $375.00/100ug   - cat#RDI-ACTINSKabm-1 $500.00/200ug

-clone ref: 5C5.F8.C7, mIgM isotype

-reacts with the alpha-skeletal and alpha cardiac (sarcomeric) actins. Shows no cross-reaction with smooth muscle actin. The antibody reacts with sarcomeric actins of normal tissues and neoplasms derived from such tissues (as rhadomyosarcomas).

-species reactivity includes: human, bovine, rabbit, sheep, rat, guinea pig, frog, snake and carp (others nto tested).

-uses: histochemistry (forzen and formalin fixed/paraffin embedded sections) , immunofluorescence and Elisa (for Elisa order without BSA, use cat#RDI-ACTINSKabmX)

-staining pattern: cytoplasmic using skeletal or cardiac muscle as positve control.

-Note: Recommend using a specific anti-IgM secondary antibody.

Mouse anti-Actin (Smooth Muscle)  PARAFFIN SECTIONS

cat# RDI-ACTINabm-A4    $438.00/200ug

also available Biotin conjugated :cat# RDI-ACTINabm-A4BT    $438.00/100ug Biotin conj larger on request

Presentation: Protein A purified antibody in 1ml 10mM PBS with 0.2% BSA and 15mM NaN3. (Bulk available without BSA/Azide upon request) concentration 200ug/ml

Immunogen: N terminal decapeptide of alpha smooth muscle isoform of actin, acetylated at the N-terminus and conjugated to KLH at the C terminus.

Isotype: mIgG2a

Clone: 1A4 (also known as asm-1)

Reactivity: human, baboon, cow, rabbit,mouse, rat, chicken (others not tested)

Uses: -Western blot: 1-2ug/ml for 2 hours rt

          -histochemistry (frozen and paraffin sections) approx 1-2ug/ml for 60 minutes RT

         (no special pretreatment required for formalin fixed paraffin sections)


       -Elisa (order without BSA if used for coating   antibody, cat#RDI-ACTINabm-A4X $500.00/200ug)

Bulk quotes on request

Positive  Cntrl: smooth muscle or leimyosarcoma

Localization: Cytoplasmic

Background: Recognizes the alpha-smooth muscle isoform of actin. It shows no cross reaction with actin from fibroblasts (Beta and gamma cytoplasmic), striated muscle (alpha sarcomeric), and myocardium. It epitope is composed of the acetyl group and the first 4 amino acids on the N-terminal end of the peptidic chain of alpha smooth muscle.

Storage: 2-8 deg c

For Research Use Only

Mouse anti-Actin (BROAD Reactivity)  Western Blot Recommended

cat# RDI-ACTINabm-N5   $438.00/100ug size    

                                            $688.00/200ug size

Biotin conjugated  cat#RDI-ACTINabm-N5BT  $812.00/200ug

Presentation: Protein G purified antibody in 10mM PBS with 0.2% BSA and 15mM NaN3. (Bulk available without BSA/Azide upon request) concentration 200ug/ml , NO BSA formulation

cat#RDI-ACTINabm-N5X  $719.00/vial Bulk on request

Immunogen: chicken gizzard actin

Isotype: mIgG1k

Clone: ACTN05

Hybridoma: Produced by the fusion between CB6F1/J splenocytes and mouse myeloma SP2/O cells.

Reactivity: human,cow, mouse, dog, rabbit, rat, chicken, Dictyostelium discoideum, Physarum polycephalum, others not tested

Uses: -Western blot: 0.5ug/ml for 2 hours rt


          Optimal titter must be dtermined ofr each use.

Positive  Cntrl: HeLa, Rh30 or LS174T cells or muscle or sarcoma.

Localization: Cytoplasmic

Background: Reacts with all six known vertebrate isoactins as well as Dictyostelium discoideum and physarum polycephalum actins. It also reacts with twocytoplasmic actins (beta, gamma) which are highly homologous to one another but which differ from the muscle actins at about 25 amino acid residues.

Storage: 2-8 deg c

For Research Use Only

Mab to ACTIN (replaces RDI-CBL161)   new lower price-same clone !

cat#RDI-PRO61001     $312.00/vial  Bulk quotes on request (also no BSA/no Azide)

Clone Determination ASM-1

Category Mouse monoclonal

Immunoglobulin Class IgG2a

Purification SpAss-Protein A (recombinant)

Antigen Synthetic NH2 terminus decapeptide of a-smooth-muscle isoform of actin

Specificity ASM-1 represents an excellent marker for myogenic soft tissue tumors and smooth muscle differentiation

Application Suitable for

· frozen and paraffin- embedded tissue (P)

· cytological material

· immunoblotting (Western)

Stability At 4°C one year after reconstitution

Quantity 50 µg (lyoph.) containing BSA and sodium azide

Polypeptide Reacting Specific for a-smooth-muscle isoform of actin

Antigen Recognized in Species tested so far: Human, bovine, rat, mouse, and chicken

Reactivities on Cell lines tested so far:Cultured Stress fibers of smooth muscle-derived cells

                                                          and some smooth muscle subtype fibroblasts

Tumors Specifically Detected Leiomyosarkoma, leiomyoma, certain stromal cells surrounding infiltrating ductal CA of breast

Pretreatment With paraffin embedded sections, protease pretreatment is required prior to antibody application

Working Dilution When reconstituted with 1ml distilled water, dilute at least 1:100 for immunohistochemical application.

Incubation Time 1 h at RT; extended with P


Schürch, W., Skalli, O., Seemayer, T.A., and Gabbiani, G.: Intermediate filament protein and actin isoforms as markers for soft tissue tumor differentiation and origin. I: Smooth muscle tumors. Am. J. Pathol. 128, 91-103 (1987)

Skalli, O., Ropraz, P., Trzeciak, A., Benzonana, G., Gillessen, D. and Gabbiani, G.: A monoclonal antibody against Â-smooth muscle actin: A new probe for smooth muscle differentiation. J. Cell Biol. 103, 2787-2796 (1986)

Demirkesen C, Hoede N, Moll R: Epithelial markers and differentiation in adnexal neoplasms of the skin: an immunohistochemical study including individual cytokeratins. J Cutan Pathol 22: 518-535 (1995).


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