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RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antibodies. In many situations, you may need a labelled secondaty antibody for the particular application. You can access below "SOME" of the various specialty antibodies we can provide. In most situations, the antibodies probably found in your lab will work fine, however, in special situations, you may need one of these specialty reagents (especially when working with antibodies on various animal tissues). We offer many different types of antibodies to help solve this problem. Please inquire for other applications or types of antibodies not listed below.

Specialty Secondary Antibodies:anti-chicken IgY(IgG)

1) cat#RDI-703005155    donkey anti-chicken IgY (H+L) 1ml ***    $188.00

2) cat#RDI-703035155   donkey anti-chicken IgY (H+L):HRP ***    $219.00 0.5ml

3) cat#RDI-703055155   donkey anti-chicken IgY (H+L):ALK PHOS ***    $281.00 0.5ml

4) cat#RDI-703065155   donkey anti-chicken IgY (H+L):Biotin ***      $219.00 0.5ml

5) cat#RDI-703095155   donkey anti-chicken IgY (H+L):FITC ***   $188.00   0.5mg (new purified format)

6) cat#RDI-703295155 donkey anti-chicken IgY (H+L):Rhodamine Red-X **   $188.00 0.5ml

                  absorption 570nm    emission=590nm

7) cat#RDI-703025155 donkey anti-chicken IgY (H+L):Rhodamine TRITC*   $188.00 0.5ml

                  absorption=550nm emission=570nm

8) cat#RDI-703075155 donkey anti-chicken IgY (H+L):TEXAS RED**   $219.00 0.5ml

                  absorption=596nm emission=620nm

***=specially absorbed antibodies to minimize cross reactivity with bovine, goat, guinea pig, hamster, horse, human, mouse, rabbit, rat and sheep serum proteins

1) cat#RDI-303005003   rabbit anti-chicken IgY (H+L) 2ml   $188.00

2) cat#RDI-303035003   rabbit anti-chicken IgY (H+L):HRP   $219.00 1.5ml

3) cat#RDI-303055003   rabbit anti-chicken IgY (H+L):ALK PHOS   $281.00 1.0ml

4) cat#RDI-303065003   rabbit anti-chicken IgY (H+L):Biotin   $281.00 1.5ml

5) cat#RDI-303095003   rabbit anti-chicken IgY (H+L):FITC   $188.00 1.5ml

6  cat#RDI-303075003 rabbit anti-chicken IgY (H+L):Texas Red   $188.00 1.5ml

7) cat#RDI-303005008   rabbit anti-chicken IgY (Fc specific)   $188.00 2.0ml

8) cat#RDI-303005006  rabbit anti-chicken IgY (F(ab')2   $188.00 fragment specific 2.0ml

9) cat#RDI-EMRCHL10  rabbit anti-chicken IgG:10nm gold   $344.00/1ml

also available in 1nm or 5nm size (approx 2-3 weeks for delivery-special order product).

or 1 weeks for these:EM GRADE

cat#RDI-703195003   Donkey anti-chicken IgG:6nm Gold      $219.00/0.3ml

cat#RDI-703205003   Donkey anti-chichen IgG:12nm Gold    $219.00/0.3ml

cat#RDI-703215003   Donkey anti-chicken IgG:18nm Gold    $219.00/0.3ml

Note:IgY is the actual designation for chicken IgG which is found in both serum and egg yolk.

Please inquire for antibodies directed against Fc fragment or F(ab'2) fragment specific and various conjugates:

purified, FITC, TRITC, Texas Red, CY5, Biotin, HRP & AP For other species, please call or fax for price and availability.

matched pair abs for measuring Cat Proteins

cat#RDI-E20117B   $438.00     feline IgG

cat#RDI-E20101B    $438.00    feline IgA

cat#RDI-E20100B    $438.00     feline IgM

includes coating ab, a standard and a HRP conjugate, sample protocol  sufficient for 1000 ELISA wells

also available special Elisa starter kit:cat#RDI-EIASTART-KT  $375.00

contains sufficient components for 1000 wells includes:

microtiter wells

coating buffer

wash solution

postcoat solution

sample/conjugate diluent

enzyme substrate

(also needed is 2M H2S04 stop solution, not included).

also available antibodies against chicken immunoglobulins, a chicken reference serum, cat#RDI-RS10102 $188.00/1ml (chicken serum assyed for IgA, IgG and IgM),

Goat anti-chicken IgA: $219.00/1mg aff pure cat#RDI-A30103B

Goat anti-chicken IgA:HRP $281.00/1mg cat#RDI-A39193PB

Goat anti-chicken IgA:FITC $250.00/1mg cat#RDI-A30103AB

see also antibodies to chicken IgM

inquire for others


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