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RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antibodies. Since no one antibody works best for all applications (neutralization, blotting, ELISA, etc), we offer many different types of antibodies to help solve this problem. Please inquire for other applications or types of antibodies not listed below.

ANTI-Desmocollin 3
Mab to Desmocollin 3

cat#RDI-PRO65193      $375.00/vial

Clone:                            Dsc3-U114

Category:                       Mouse monoclonal

Immunoglobulin Class:     IgG1

Form/Purification            Cell culture supernatant

Antigen:                         Synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence present on the extracellular anchor domain of                                                 human desmocollin 3. (VHGAPFYFSLPNTSPEISRLWSLTKVBC).

Clinical Application/

Specificty:                       Mab localizes Dsc3 present in · all living epidermal layers · in glandular duct cells

                                       · in basal matrix cells and outer root sheath of hair follicles

                                       · basal and suprabasal cell layers of stratified epithelia (e.g. vagina, tongue, esophagus), basal

                                         layer of bladder urothelium and complex epithelium of trachea · thymic reticulum cells

All simple epithelia are negative. Intercalated disks of myocardium are negative.

Reactivities on Cultured Cell Lines: Most cultured cell lines derived from stratified squamous epithelia or squamous cell carcinomas are positive (e.g. A-431, HaCaT).

Application Suitable for · immunohistochemistry on frozen and paraffin- embedded sections

                                    · immunoblotting (Western)

Recommendations: For better results on frozen sections, preincubation (directly after fixation) with 0.05- 0.2% Triton X100, for 5-10 min, depending on tissue type, is recommended. SEE REF#2.

Storage At 4°C

Volume 5 ml

Polypeptide Reacting 109 kD and 100 kD polypeptides (desmocollin 3 splice isoforms at pI 5.2) from human epidermal desmosomes.

Antigen Recognized in Species (tested so far) :Specific for human desmocollin 3; negative with bovine and rodent material.

Working Dilution Ready-to-use for immunohistochemistry

Incubation Time 1 h at RT for immunohistochemistry


1. Nuber, U.A., Schäfer, S., Stehr, S., Rackwitz, H.-R., Franke, W.W. (1996). Patterns of desmocollin synthesis in human epithelia: Immunolocalization of desmocollins 1 and 3 in special epithelia and in cultured cells. Eur. J. Cell Biol., 66:69-74.

2.Schafer S, Stumpp S., Franke W.W. (1996) Immunologcial identification and characterization of the desmonal cadherin Dsg2 in coupled and uncoupled epithelial cells and in human tissues. Differentiation, 60:99-108.

3. Hatzfield M et al, J Cell Biol 149:209-222 (2000)

4. Moll I et al, Arch Dermatol Res 291, 437-446 (1999)

5. Kurzen H et al, Differentiation 63, 295-304 (1998)

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