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RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antibodies. Since no one antibody works best for all applications (neutralization, blotting, ELISA, etc), we offer many different types of antibodies to help solve this problem. Please inquire for other applications or types of antibodies not listed below.

Multi-epitope Cocktail

cat#RDI-PRO651101     $344.00/vial    

Clone                          PP2/62; PP2/86; PP2/150

Category                     Mouse monoclonal/multi epitope cocktail

Immunoglobulin Class   IgG1

Form/Purification          Hybridoma culture supernatant

Antigen                         Synthetic carboxyterminal peptide (24aa) of human plakophilin 2

Clinical Application/ The Mabs react with plakophilin 2, a member of the arm-repeat family of proteins which can occur in at least 2 splice forms (2a and 2b). Plakophilin 2 assembles with other proteins to form the desmosomal plaque in simple and glandular epithelia, all layers of some stratified epithelia, and in nonepithelial desmosomes possessing tissues such as myocardium, Purkinje fibers, and dendritic reticulum of lymph node follicles. In all these cells, including a variety of cell types devoid of desmosomes, plakophilin 2 is highly enriched in the karyoplasm.

Specificity Positive staining was obtained with several carcinomas derived from simple-type epithelia (e.g. hepatomas, colon carcinomas) and some adenocarcinomas derived from stratified epithelia (oesophagus carcinoma). the antibody was negative with all leimyosarcomas tested.

Polypeptide Reacting: Plakophilin 2, Mr 100kD (SDS-PAGE); Mw, calculated from aa sequence:92,750 (pI 9.33) and 97,410 (pI 9.38)

Antigen Recognizied: Human, bovine, canine, Xenopus laevis, rat and mouse:Plakophilin 2a and b.

Reactivities on cultured Cell Lines: HaCat, A-431, PLC, MCF-7, SV-80 Fibroblasts MDCK (dog kidney), MDBK (cow kidney)

Application · Immunoblotting

                  · Immunohistochemistry

For better accesibility of the desmosome-associated antigen specimens might be incubated for 5 min in PBS plus 0.2% Triton-X100 prior to antibody application. Longer incubation could result in a loss of nuclear staining. To prevent wash-out of soluble forms of the antigen, fixation with 2% formaldehyde is recommended. Incubation of specimens in the absence of detergent results in exclusive nuclear staining.

Working Dilution: Ready to Use for immunohistochemistry

Storage At 2-8 DEC C

Volume 5 ml


Mertens C, Kuhn C, and WW Franke. Plakophilins 2A and 2b:Constitutive Proteins of Dual Location in the Karyoplasm and the Desmosomal Plaque. JCB Vol 135, 4:1009-1025 (1996)

Mertens C et al. Desmosomal Plakophilin 2-a differentiation marker in normal and malignant cells.  Differenatiation 64, 277-290 (1999)

Exp Cell Res 285, 114-130 (2003)

For In Vitro Research Use Only

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