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RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antibodies. Since no one antibody works best for all applications (neutralization, blotting, ELISA, etc), we offer many different types of antibodies to help solve this problem. Please inquire for other applications or types of antibodies not listed below.

ANTI-Maltose Binding Protein  (see monoclonal and polyclonals below)
mouse anti-maltose binding protein   clone R29 purified

Catalog#: RDI-MALBPabmX    same as cat#RDI-MALBPabm-R29

Price: $562.00/vial   $500.00/vial 3 or more Bulk On Request

Package Size: 200ug protein G purified antibody in 1ml (200ug/ml) 10mM PBS pH7.4 with 0.2% BSA and 15mM sodium azide -also available in bulk   cat#RDI-MALBP-R29X1 $2188.00/1milligram   $1500.00/mg 5 or more, provided without   BSA but with azide.

-special format, no BSA and no azide on   request, cat#RDI-MALBPabm-R29X   $625.00/200ug

Antibody Content: 200ug/ml

Isotype: mIgG1

Clone: R29

Antigen: recombinant maltose binding protein

Fusion partner: spleen cells from immunized mice were fused with cells of the mouse SP2/0 myeloma cell line.

Activity/USE: Reacts with maltose binding protein. Useful in recognizing proteins expressed with an MBP tag.

-for western blot approx 1:500


Storage: Store at 4 DEG C

Precautions: For In vitro research Use Only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics.  It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and Federal rules in the use of this product. We are not responsible for any patent infringements that might result with the use of or derivation of this product.

-See other epitope tagging antibodies including maltose binding protein, HA-Tag,  Myc-Tag,   VSV-G-Tag, Thyoredoxin, SjGst , Green Fluorescent Protein , GLU-GLU,  AU1 ,   AU5  and more.

RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl

San Jose, 95123 CA Snell ave 658


or (800) 370-2222

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