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For in vitro research use only-not for use in diagnostic or lab procedures
(includes the following antibody types)-Please inquire if you cannot find the antibody you need -we have access to many others ! Click on catalog number to view sample spec sheets (and in some cases additional antibodies of similar type).
-see also our alphabetical list of anitibodies with data sheet links.
CAT#        Name/Reactivity           Clone REF  HOST  Size   Price**
RDI-PRO651102 Adipophilin AP125 mouse 5ml   $375.00
RDI-PRO610102 Adipophilin " " 50ug $375.00
RDI-PRO614102 " FITC conjugated " " 0.25ml    $470.00
RDI-PROGP40 Adipophilin (ms/human/dog/bovine) polyclonal guinea pig 100ul $470.00
RDI-PRO61080   Human LDL  (human/pig/rabbit)  M-34  mouse  50ug   $375.00
RDI-PRO61081 Bovine/HUMAN

 Lipoprotein Lipase

 Mab-7   mouse  50ug $375.00
see new lipase kits   
RDI-PRO61082     HDL   M-32   mouse 50ug $375.00
RDI-APOA5abm-G9 APOA5 1G5G9 mIgG1 100ug $562.00
RDI-APOA5abm-E2 APOA5 4H8H8E2 mIgG1 0.1ml $562.00
RDI-APODabm    Apolipoprotein D     36C6           mIgG1    1ml $438.00
RDI-PRO61085       Apolipoprotein E  IB5-E1     mouse 50ug   $375.00
RDI-PRO61086 Apolipoprotein E      E3   mouse 50ug   $375.00
RDI-PRO61087   LDL Receptor   IgG-C7     mouse 50ug   $375.00
RDDI-PRO61587 LDL Receptor:Biotin conj " mouse 1ml $469.00
see also ApoE pure proteins for

APOE and LDL research

RDI-PRO61099 LDL Receptor polyclonal rabbit IgG 0.25ml $440.00
RDI-PRO61599 LDL Receptor:Biotin conjugated polyclonal rabbit IgG   0.25ml $500.00
Notes: The rabbit anti-LDL receptor

does not

inhibit binding of LDL were the chicken

polyclonal anti-LDL receptor does inhibit

binding of LDL.

RDI-PRO61065   LRP, 515 kDa

 (low density lipoprotein related


8G1 mouse   50ug $375.00
RDI-PRO61565 LRP, BIOTIN CONJUGATED 8G1 mouse 0.25ml $438.00
RDI-PRO61066 LRP, 85 kDa  


5A6 mouse 50ug $375.00
RDI-PRO61067   LRP, 85 kDa (human/mouse/rabbit) 8B8 mouse   50ug $375.00
RDI-PRO61068   RAP, 39 kDa  

(human, not mouse or rabbit)

7F1 mouse 50ug   $375.00
RDI-PRO61098 RAP/Pleo-Lipoprotein Receptor

human/chicken/rat (not mouse or rabbit)

--- rabbit poly 0.25ml $375.00

         10% discount on 5 or more any combination  RDI-PRO code abs above (BULK QUOTES ON REQUEST)

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or (800) 370-2222

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