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(anti-Human and others as indicated)

RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antibodies. Since no one antibody works best for all applications (neutralization, blotting, ELISA, etc), we offer many different types of antibodies to help solve this problem. Please inquire for other applications or types of antibodies not listed below.

Pab to Histamine

Cat#RDI-PRO11425 $375.00

Category                         Rabbit polyclonal

Purification/Form           Rabbit serum

Immunogen                     Histamine BSA conjugate

Description/Specificity Absorption with 10 - 100 µg histamine per ml diluted antiserum inactivates the antiserum, while noradrenalin, S-HT, VIP, glucagon and histidine do not. The antibody can be used for the detection of histamine-containing endocrine cells and mast cells in normal tissue and gastric tumors.

Recommended Postive Control           Stomach

Application             RIA, ELISA

                                 Immunoblotting (Western)


                                 Suitable for frozen and paraffin sections

Antigen Recognized                     Human, mouse, hamster, rat, guinea pig, dog, cat,

in Species (tested so far)             chicken, monkey, fish, amphibia, reptiles

Working Dilution                         1:50 - 1:100

Dilution Buffer                             PBS buffer with 1% BSA and 0.09% Na-Azide

Incubation Time                           1 h at RT

Storage                                         At 2-8°C (undiluted) or at -20°C (aliquots)

Volume                                         0.25 ml


1. R. Hakanson, G. Böttcher, E. Ekblad, P. Panula, M. Simonsson, M. Dohlsten, T. Hallberg, and F. Sundler: Histamine in endocrine cells in the stomach . Histochemistry (1986) 86:5-17.

2. F. Sundler, B. Eriksson, L. Grimelius, R. Hakanson, H. Lönroth, and L. Lundell: Histamine in Gastric Carcinoid Tumors: Immunocytochemical Evidence. Endocr Pathol (1992) 3: 23-27.

For Research Use Only

Polyclonal Antibody to Histamine (undiluted)

Cat#RDI-PRO16043     $625.00/vial

Category                      undiluted Rabbit polyclonal

Immunogen                  Histamine conjugated to BSA

Description/Specificity Histamine is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system a well as a mast cell constituent. In addition, histamine is produced by endocrine cells (ECL-cells) in the oxynthic mucosa of the stomach. Absorption with 10-100 µg histamine per ml diluted antiserum abolishes the staining, while noradrenaline, 5-HT, VIP, glucagon and histidine do not.

Positive Control Cryostat sections of carbodiimide fixed human skin or freeze-dried paraffin-sections (vapor fixed in diethylpyrocarbonate; DEPC) of rat stomach (see ref.)

Species tested so far          Rat

Application · Immunohistochemistry

                    · Immunofluorescence

                    · Suitable for frozen and paraffin sections

Reconstitution Dissolve the antiserum in 50 - 100 µl distilled water, and dilute further in 0.1 M PBS with 1% BSA and 0.1% NaN3.

Working Dilution    1:1500 - 1:3000 (PAP)

                                1:200 - 1:400 (immunofluorescence microscopy) with overnight incubation at 2-8°C.

Storage                     At 2-8°C (lyoph.) or at -20°C (aliquots)

Quantity / Volume    50 µl (lyoph.)


Hakansson R et al. Histamine in endocrine cells in the stomach. A survey of several species using a panel of histamine antibodies. Histochemistry 86, 5-17 (1986)

Johansson O et al. Histamine immunohistochemistry: a new and highly sensitive method for studying cutaneous mast cells. Histochem J 24, 283-187 (1992)

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