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RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antibodies. Since no one antibody works best for all applications (neutralization, blotting, ELISA, etc), we offer many different types of antibodies to help solve this problem. Please inquire for other applications or types of antibodies not listed below.

(polyclonals and new monoclonal for COX-2  & COX-1 see below)   see also 5-lipoxygenase antibody
Rabbit (monoclonal ) anti-COX-2 (human/Mouse/Rat) Paraffin Sections

cat#RDI-COX2abRM-21     $438.00/0.5ml

-immunogen: syntheitc peptide form the C-terminus of rat COX-2

-reactivity: human, mouse, rat (others not tested)

-use: formalin fixed paraffin sections, immunoprecipitation, western blot

-staining: cytoplasmic and membrane

-positive control: lung and colon carcinomas

- Staining of formalin-fixed tissues requires boiling tissue sections in 10mM citrate buffer, pH 6.0 for 10-20 min followed by cooling at RT for 20 min.

Mouse anti-COX-2 Monoclonal ab

cat# RDI-COX2abm        $438.00/vial 50ug

       RDI-COX2abm-1     $750.00/vial 150ug

Background: Cyclooxygenase (COX) is also known as prostaglandin H synthase, or PGH synthase. It catalyzes the conversion of arachidonate to prostaglandin H2 (PGH2) the precursor of PGE2, PGF2A, PGD2, prostacyclin, and thromboxane A2. Cox actually has two different enzymatic activities:a cycloxygenase which mediates the formation of PGG2 from oxygen and arachidonate and a hydroperoxidase which catalyzes a reduction of PGG2 yielding PGH2. Two Cox genes, Cox-1 and Cox-2 have been isolated in several species. A 4kb mRNAencodes the 604 amino acid COX-2 protein. The two human COX isoenzymes are 61% identical in amino acid composition with the active sites being highly conserved. Cox-2 mRNA and protein levels have ben shown to be induced by serum, lipopolysaccharides, growth factors, human chorionic gonadotropin, and phorbol esters in various human and other animal cell types. Recently it has been shown that IL-1alpha induces the mRNA expression as well as the amount of functional COX-2 protein in human endothelial cells. The sustained increase of COX-2 expression is apparently due (at least in part) to IL-1A increasing the stability of COX-2 mRNA. This type of regulatory mechanism may play an important role in chronic inflammatory conditions.

isotype: mIgG1

package: 50ug (200ul) or 150ug (600ul) (at 0.25mg/ml in 50%  glycerol, PBS + 1.5mM NaN3 & 1mg/ml BSA)

antigen: a protein fragment corresponding to amino acids 368-604 of rat Cox-2

USe: Suitable for western blot on human , mouse and chick using approx 1ug/ml ab on total cell lysate of mouse macrophages treated with IFN-G and LPS. Major band =Mw 70 kDa. Incubate 2-3 hours RT or overnight 4 DEG C with chemiluminescence detection. -Immunofluorescence -also reactive on rabbit kidney tissue)

Storage: Store at -20 DEG C upon receipt. . Recommend aliquoting. Avoid frequent warming cycles.

Main REF: Pritchard, K. A. et al (1994) J. Biol. Chem 269:8504

                  Ristimaki,, A. et al (1994) J. Biol. Chem 269:11769

                  Vane, J.R. et al. 1994:Proc Natl. Acad Sci USA 91:2046

-copyright by owner

Precautions: For In vitro research Use Only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and Federal rules in the use of this product. We are not responsible for any patent infringements that might result with the use of or derivation of this product.

Rabbit (Polyclonal) Anti-COX-2 (Human)(C-terminus)   Broad species reactivty Histochemistry

Cat# RDI-COX2CabrX   $438.00/100ul

Packaging: 100 µL antiserum in PBS with 0.1% gelatin. Protein Concentration: Approximately 9 mg/mL.

Immunogen: synthetic peptide corresponding to a distinct C-terminal region of COX-2

Reactivity: It does not cross-react with COX-1

Uses: -Immunohistochemistry : starting 1:100- (blocking peptide cat#RDI-COX2CX-CP $188.00)

         -Western blots. A dilution of 1/1000 for Western blots when using alkaline phosphatase (higher dilution may be

needed with more sensitive developing techniques) should detect COX-2 from most mammalian species, including ovine.

Storage: Stable several weeks at 4 ° C. several months at -20 ° C. and indefinitely at 80 ° C. Repeated freezing and thawing may result in loss of antibody activity.

For Research Use Only

also available Western blot standard:

Native ovine COX-2 cat#RDI-OVCOX2-AG     $281.00/10ug in 0.1ml Tris buffer with 0.01% Tween 20 and 30um DDC. -reccomend use 1ug/lane

cat#RDI-MCOX2CabRX       $312.00/1ml

Anti-COX-2(C-terminus), Polyclonal: This antibody was generated against a synthetic peptide corresponding to a distinct C-terminal region of murine COX-2. It specifically reacts with COX-2 from most species thus far examined. It does not cross-react with COX-1. A dilution of 1/100 for Western blots or 1/100,000 for ELISA assays will yield a positive result with native ovine or recombinant human COX2

Mouse Anti-PGH Synthase-1 (COX-1) clone cyo-5

cat# RDI-COX1abm     Price: $312.00/vial     $281.00/vial 3 or more

Isotype: Mouse IgG2b

Specificity: Reacts with PGH synthase from sheep, bovine,guinea pig, rabbit and human. Does not react with rat, mouse or dog PGH synthase.

Uses: Immunoassay or immunohistochemicl localization of   PGH synthase.

Contents: 1 ml of culture medium (per vial) from the cyo-5 hybridoma cell line containing 0.1% sodium azide.

Concentration: Approximately 50 ug IgG/ml

Storage: 2 to 8'C. Do not refreeze.


DeWitt,D.L.,Day,J.S., Sonnenberg,W.K. and Smith. W.L. Concentrations of PGH Synthase and PGI(2) Synthase in the Endothelium and Smooth Muscle of Bovine Aorta, J.Clin.Invest. 72:1882 (1983).

DeWitt,D.L., Rollins,T.E. Day, J.S., Gauger,J.A. and Smith, W.L.Orientation of the active site and antigenic determinants of prostaglandin endoperoxide (PGH) synthase in the endoplasmic reticulum. J. Biol. Chem. 256: 10375 (1981).

Pagels,W.R., Marnett,L.J., DeWitt, D.L. and Smith, W.L. Immunochemical evidence for the envolvement of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase in hydroperoxide-dependent oxidations by ram seminal vesicles. J. Biol. Chem. 258:6517 (1983).

Smith, W.L. and Rollins, T.E. Characteristics of rabbit anti-PGH synthase antibodies and use in immunochemistry. Meth.Enz. 86:213 (1982).

DeWitt,D.L., Day,J.S. Gauger,J.A. and Smith, W.L. Monoclonal antibodies against PGH synthase: An immunoradiometric assay for quanatitating the enzyme. Meth.Enz. 86:229 (1982).

For In Vitro Research Use Only-Not For Use in Diagnostics

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