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-includes the following mouse monoclonal antibody types.

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cat#      NAME /REACTIVITY    CLONE   isotype Size  Price**
RDI-   HLA Class I and HLA Class II

specialty antibodies

for blocking studies-

see also RDI-CBL118

RDI-CBL139    HLA Class I W6/32 mIgG2a  200ug $375.00
RDI-CBL139FT                  "           Fitc  100T   $375.00
RDI-CBL139PE PE  100T $470.00
RDI-MHC1abm-3 HLA Class I 3F10 mIgG2a 100ug $312.00
RDI-MHC1abm-3FT FITC 120T $375.00
RDI-MHC1abm-3BT Biotin 100ug $375.00
RDI-MHC1abm-3PE PE 120T $500.00
RDI-CBL484Ft " FITC 100T $375.00
RDI-CBL484PE " PE 10T $469.00
RDI-CBL100 HLA Class II (DP) BRA-FB6 mIgG2b 200ug $375.00
RDI-CBL100FT " FITC 100T $375.00
RDI-CBL118 HLA Class II   (DQ)    SPV-L3 mIgG2a 200ug $375.00
RDI-CBL118PE " PE 100T $469.00
RDI-M1338clb HLA Class II (DR) CLB-HLA-DR 200T $375.00
RDI-M1607clb " FITC 100T $375.00
RDI-CBL120 HLA Class II (DR)   Tal.1B5 ++ mIgG1 200ug $375.00
RDI-CBL138  HLA Class II (DR + DP + DQ) IQU9  ++ mIgG2a 200ug $375.00
RDI-CBL138FT " FITC 100T $375.00
RDI-CBL138PE " PE 100T $469.00
RDI-MHC2abm-1 HLA Class II(DP,DQ & DR) TDR31.1 mIgG1 100ug $312.00
RDI-MHC2abm-1FT FITC 120T $375.00
RDI-MHC2abm-1PE PE 120T $500.00
RDI-MHC2abm-1BT Biotin 100ug $375.00
RDI-CBL259FT FITC 100T $375.00
RDI-CBL259PE " PE 100T $469.00
RDI-HLADM HLA-DM MaP.DM1 mIgG1 100ug $312.00
RDI-HLA-DOB HLA-DO DOB.L1 mIgG2b 100ug $281.00
RDI-HLACLIP CLIP CerCLIP mIgG1 100ug $281.00
RDI-CBL306     B2 microglobulin C21 mIgG2b  1mg $375.00
RDI-CBL307   B2 microglobulin    B2 mIgG1  1mg $375.00



++ = stains  formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues

RDI Divison of researchd Industries Intl

San Jose, 95123 CA Snell ave 658


or (800) 370-2222

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