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PROTOGOLDtm  Stabilized Gold Sol for Sensitive Staining of Protein Blots

Protogoldtm colloidal gold sol has been specially developed to give intense staining of proteins blotted onto membranes by dot blots or by Western blots from electrophoretic gels. The gold particles are negatively charged and bind selectively to the blotted proteins with very low background. The proteins stain red through the accumulation of gold particles. Sensitivity is better than 1 picogram of protein for BSA dot blotted onto a nitrocellulose membrane. Not suitable for use on positively charged membranes

WESTERN BLOTS: For western blots the proteins are blotted onto a negative membrane such as nitrocellulose or PVDF.The membrane is then incubated directly with PROTOGOLDtm in a plastic tray. Visible staining of the proteins occurs within minutes indicated by a pink to scarlet stain on the membrane. Optimum staining occurs in 2-4 hours and may be continued indefinitely without overstaining..

Protein Quantitation: Quantitation of proteins dot blotted from solution or from Western Blots is achieved by comparing staining intensity with blotted standards. Sensitivity is better than 1 picogram of protein (BSA) with PROTOGOLDtm alone and 10-100X greater with silver enhancing.

PROTOGOLDtm cat#RDI-PRO500     $312.00/500ml bottle

Sample Protogold staining procedure:

Sample dual label gold staining procedure using Protogold

SILVER ENHANCING: Using the Silver Enhancing Kit (cat#RDI-SEKB250) a further 10-100X increase in sensitivity may be obtained from the PROTOGOLDtm , GENOGOLDtm or immunogold conjugate stained membranes. The membrane is simply enhanced in the kit solution for a further 10-20 minutes and the red stain is converted to an intense black stain without loss of resolution. Previously faint or invisible signals become clear through the growth of gold particles in the PROTOGOLDtm or Genogoldtm attached to the proteins. The enhancement is stopped by washing in water. Also for use with gold conjugates!

-#RDI-SEKB250  $250.00/500ml of solutions and test strips (blotting)

For LM applications enhance the gold probe with cat#RDI-SEKL15 $188.00 (sufficient for at least 300 slides)

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