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Sample Kit Information: (see actual insert with kit for batch specific information):


(primarly for cell culture use due to lower sensitivity (not recommend for serum samples)

# RDI-PB41400   96 wells     PRICE: $625.00  BULk Kits on request

-inquire for bulk pricing on 11 or more kits

-please inquire (protocol being set to web standards)- click here for a .pdf version

a) Range: 250-10,000pg/ml ***

b) Incubation time: 3hr, 15min

c) Specificity: Human IFN-Beta, no cross reactivity with human IFN-Alpha, human IFN-gamma, mouse IFN-Beta or rat IFN-Beta

d) The kit quantitates human interferon beta using a sandwich immunoassay. The kits is based on an ELISA with Streptavidin:HRP (conventional). Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) is the substrate. All reagents are supplied. One precoated micrototer strip plate (96 wells) is included

e) The assay is based on the international reference standard for human intterferon beta (IFN-beta) provided by the NIH.

Material supplied

1) One 96 well microtiter plate to which capture antibody is bound

2) Four plate selaers:

     -wash solution concentrate (50ml)

     -human Interferon Beta solution 100,000pg/ml  (250ul)

     -dilution buffer  50ml  (50ml)

    -antibody concentrate 70ul (70ul)

    -HRP conjugate concentrate (50ul)

    -TMB substrate  (12ml)

    -Stop Solution (12ml)
For In Vitro Research Use Only-Not for use in Diagnostics

see also new mouse Interferon Beta Elisa cat#RDI-PB42400   $688.00/96 wells kit

available   March 9, 2005 (accepting orders now)

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