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MOUSE/RAT & OTHER Cytokines, Growth Factors & Chemokines:

RDI Divison of Fitzgerald Industries Intl  offers a wide line of recombinant growth factors, cytokines and chemokines (new products added throughout year, please inquire if not listed below). Bulk milligram and larger sizes gladly quoted upon request. All products are for in vitro medical research use only-not for use in or on humans or animals (without approval of your animal welfare committee)-not for use in diagnostics. We are not responsible for any patent infringements with the use or derivation of these products. All items are provided carrier and preservative free. See ALSO  Page 1 for human products. and multi-species antibodies (anti-human/mouse/rat and more).

Special Offer: Order 2or more same cytokine (except as indicated**): $219.00/package for most cytokines! Bulk Milligram pricing on request, email for quotations

Click on catalog numbers below to see a sample spec sheet.
RDI-2111a Murine Interleukin 1 alpha   10ug $231.00
RDI-2111b Murine Interleukin 1 beta   10ug $231.00
RDI-2122 Murine Interleukin 2  20ug $235.00
RDI-2113 Murine Interleukin 3  10ug $235.00
RDI-2144 Murine Interleukin 4  10ug $235.00
RDI-mIL5-2X Murine Interkeukin 5 **  2ug $562.00
RDI-2166 Murine Interleukin 6  10ug $235.00
RDI-2177 Murine Interleukin 7  10ug $231.00
RDI-2110 Murine Interleukin 10  10ug $231.00
RDI-2112 Murine Interleukin 12  10ug $250.00
RDI-2103 Murine Interleukin 13  10ug $231.00
RDI-2115 Murine Interleukin 15  10ug $231.00
RDI-MIL17-AG Murine Interleukin 17 **  5ug $562.00
Murine Interleukin 18


RDI-2222 Murine IL-22 10ug $231.00
RDI-1513 Murine APRIL 20ug $231.00
RDI-4527 Murine gACRP30 25ug $231.00
RDI-2529 Murine I-Tac  10ug $231.00
RDI-2524 Murine BLC 20ug $231.00
RDI-2526 Muirne CTACK 20ug $231.00
RDI-2528 Murine CXCL16  25ug $231.00
RDI-2531 Murine FLT3-Ligand  10ug $235.00
RDI-2505 Murine G-CSF 10ug $231.00
RDI-1512 Murine Light 20ug $231.00
RDI-2536 Murine LIX (CXCL5) 70aa 20ug $231.00
RDI-3153 Murine GM-CSF  10ug $231.00
RDI-3152 Murine M-CSF  10ug $231.00
Universal species Interferon Type I
RDI-MIFNA-100K Murine Interferon alpha **   20ug $375.00 Antibodies
RDI-MIFNB-100K Murine Interferon beta **  100KU $375.00 Antibodies
RDI-3155 Murine Interferon Gamma-see also new mIFN-G Elisa kit  100ug $231.00 Antibodies
RDI-3101A Murine TNF-Alpha  20ug $235.00
RDI-2501 - Discontinued Murine Eotaxin  10ug $231.00
RDI-2522 Murine Eotaxin-2  20ug $231.00
RDI-2508 Murine MCP-3  10ug $231.00
RDI-2504 Murine MCP-5  10ug $231.00
RDI-2523 Murine MDC  20ug $231.00
RDI-2530 Murine MEC (CCL28)0  20ug $231.00
RDI-3159 Murine EGF 500ug $231.00
RDI-MEPO-AG Murine EPO **    5ug $594.00
RDI-2503 Murine SCF(stem cell factor)   10ug $231.00
RDI-4505 Murine FGF-9 (GAF)  10ug $231.00
RDI-4531 Murine Leptin  1MG $231.00 ANTIBODIES
RDI-4531X Murine Leptin  8MG  $1250.00
RDI-2504 Murine MCP-5  10ug $231.00
RDI-2509 Murine MIP-1 alpha  10ug $231.00
RDI-2510 Murine MCP-1  10ug $235.00
RDI-2514 Murine MCP-2  20ug $231.00
RDI-4532 Murine VEGF  10ug $231.00


Murine VEGF164 5ug




RDI-2506 Murine C-10 10ug $231.00
RDI-2511 Murine KC (Gro-alpha)  20ug $235.00
RDI-2512 Murine MIP-1 gamma  20ug $231.00
RDI-2527B Murine MIP-3 Beta (CCL19) 20ug $231.00
RDI-MKLTAG murine lymphotactin  25ug $500.00
RDI-2517 murine LIX 90aa   20ug $231.00
RDI-2525 Murine Cardiotrophin-1  10ug $231.00
RDI-2518 Murine MIG  20ug $231.00
RDI-2519 Murine ILGF-1  50ug $231.00
RDI-3150 Murine IL-18 binding protein  25ug $231.00
RDI-3111 Murine sRank-L  10ug $231.00
RDI-4528 Murine Resistin  25ug $231.00
RDI-4526 Murine RELM-Alpha  25ug $231.00
RDI-4526B Murine RELM-BEta 25ug $231.00
RDI-2520A Murine SDF-1 Alpha  10ug $231.00
RDI-2520B Murine SDF-1B  20ug $231.00
RDI-2125 Murine SF20  10ug $231.00
RDI-3114 Murine TPO  10ug $231.00
RDI-3515 Murine sCD40L  25ug $250.00
RDI-4550 RAT CNTF  25ug $231.00
RDI-4010 RAT GRO/KC   25ug $231.00
RDI-RTIL1A-AG Rat IL-1 Alpha   5ug $469.00
RDI-4001B Rat IL-1 Beta   10ug $235.00
RDI-4002 Rat IL-2  20ug $231.00
RDI-4011 RAT GRO-BETA/MIP-2   10ug $231.00
RDI-PB13100 RAT Interferon Alpha ** 100Ku $438.00
RDI-RTIFNB-AG Rat Interferon Beta ** 100Ku $438.00
RDI-PB13500 RAT Interferon Gamma **

-see also new rat IFN-G Elisa Kit

100Ku $375.00 Antibodies
RDI-4020 Rat IFN-Gamma 100ug $231.00 see human
RDI-RTIL2-AG RAT IL-2 **  10ug $469.00 Antibodies
RDI-4003 Rat IL-3B  20ug $231.00
RDI-4004 RAT IL-4  10ug $231.00 Antibodies
RDI-4016 Rat IL-6   10ug $235.00
RDI-4007 RAT IL-7  10ug $231.00
RDI-4019 RAT IL-10  10ug $231.00
RDI-RTIL10-AG Rat IL-10 **  10ug $469.00 Antibodies
RDI-4006 RAt IL-13  10ug $231.00
RDI-4024 RAT IL-15  10ug $231.00
RDI-4023 RAT GM-CSF  10ug $231.00
RDI-4012 RAT MCP-1   10ug $231.00 Antibodies
RDI-4013 RAT RANTES  20ug $231.00
RDI-4014 RAT TNF-alpha  20ug $231.00
RDI-4015 RAT MIP-1 alpha 20ug $231.00
RDI-4021 Rat Leptin **  1mg

RDI-4022 RAt SCF 10ug $231.00
RDI-R20-014 Rat VEGF-C 5ug $312.00
RDI-R20-016 RAt VEGF-C152S 5ug $250.00
RDI-PB19610 Bovine Interferon Tau ** 100Ku $438.00
RDI-PB19700 Ovine Interferon Tau** 100Ku $406.00

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  (cross species data when available is listed on spec sheets).

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