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Human Cytokine/Growth Factor/Chemokines Sample Spec sheets (subject to change without notice):

DATA SHEET:recombinant Human MIP-3

-Human macrophage inflammatory protein-3 also called MPIF-1 is a member of the CC chemokine family of cytokines. It displays chemotactic activity on resting T lymphocytes and monocytes. Human MIP-3 is an 11.3kDa protein containing 99 amino acids residues.

Catalog#: RDI-3029C

Package Size: 20 micrograms $231.00    $219.00/pack 2 or more

                    MINI-PACK cat#RDI-3029Cp $94.00/2ug   inquire for bulk

Supplied: sterile filtered and then the protein was lyophilized (no additives)

Source: E. Coli

Purity: >99% by SDS-Page and HPLC analyses. Endotoxin level is less than 0.1ng per ug (1EU/ug) of MIP-3

Reconstitution: The lyophilized human MIP-3 is soluble in water and most aqueous buffers. The material can be reconstituted in water to a concentration of 1mg/ml.   Allow to set at least 30 minutes at 4 DEG C, tighten   cap and rotate to reconstitute any material on sides of vial. If desired, you can centrifuge at 1000 rpm for 1 minute to concentrate volume in bottom of vial. This solution can be diluted into water or other buffered solutions or stored at 4 DEG C for future use. Avoid freeze thaw cycles which will result in some loss of activity.

Note:If this material is not to be used for coating or labeling(or other applications requiring carrier free material), the addition of 0.1% BSA to dilution buffers or dilution in sterile culture media is recommended to enhance stability and minimize absorption to vial. Ideally, maintain concentration >50ug/ml.

Storage: The lyophilized powder is stable at room temperature but it is best stored desiccated below 0 Deg C. Reconstituted human MIP-3 should be stored in working aliquots at -20 DEG C. AVOID FREQUENT FREEZE THAW CYCLES. EACh FREEZE THAW CYCLE WILL DIMINISH ACTIVITY.

AA Sequence :



Reactivity: The biological activity of human MIP-3 was determined by a chemotaxis assay using total T cell population. Maxium chemotaxis was acheived using a concentration of 10ng/ml.

For In vitro research Use Only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics.  It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and Federal rules in the use of this product. We are not responsible for any patent infringements that might result with the use of or derivation of this product.


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