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DATA SHEET:    recombinant Recombinant Human Serum Albumin (HSA) -for In vitro use ONLY!

Cat# RDI-PRO332    $500.00/10mg

        RDI-PRO332X  $1850.00/500mg

Source: E.Coli

Background: Serum Albumin is a major protein in the blood. It is important in maintaining the colloidal osmotic pressure and transporting large organic molecules.Fear of infectious diseases as HIV & Hepatitis has enticed great interest in the recombinant form which is identical to the natural blood.

Description : Recombinant Human HSA produced in E.Coli is a single, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain containing 585 amino acids and having a molecular mass of 66248 Dalton. Recombinant Human Serum Albumin is purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques.

Physical Appearance: Sterile Filtered clear liquid formulation.

Formulation: Recombinant Human Serum Albumin was lyophilized from a sterile solution containing no additives.

Stability: Recombinant Human Serum Albumin, although stable at 4C for 1 week, should be stored desiccated below -18 C. Please avoid freeze-thaw cycles.

Purity: Greater than 99.0% as determined by:

(a) Analysis by RP-HPLC.

(b) Anion-exchange FPLC.

(c) Analysis by reducing and non-reducing SDS-PAGE Silver Stained gel.

Dimers and aggregates: Less than 1% as determined by silver-stained SDS-PAGE gel analysis.

Applications: Cell Storage: Cryopreservation

                        In Vitro Research Use Only-not for drug, human or therapeutic use

Endotoxin: Less than 0.1 ng/µg (IEU/µg) of Recombinant HSA.

Usage: This material is offered for in vitro research, laboratory or further evaluation purposes. It IS NOT for use in or on humans or animals-Not for drug use. Not responsible for any patent infringements with the use or derivation of any product.

Sterile filtered natural human albumin

Cat#RDI-PRO354X   $625.00/gram (200mg/ml solution)

See other natural human proteins at:

Precautions: For In vitro research Use Only. Not for use in or on humans or animals or for diagnostics. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with all local/state and Federal rules in the use of this product. We are not responsible for any patent infringements that might result with the use of or derivation of this or any product.


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