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Human Cytokine/Growth Factor Sample Spec sheets (subject to change without notice):

Human Leukocyte Interferon cat#RDI-PB11350     $281.00     $250.00/vial 2+

Description: Human Leukocyte Interferon (Hu-IFN-a & HU-IFN-a)   produced in SPF chicken eggs by induction with   Sendai virus.

Quantity: 1 vial of 1 x 10(6) units, lyophilized

Concentration: 1 x 10(6) units/ml after reconstitution with 1 ml deionized water.

Molecular Weight: corresponds to that of human interferon omega and interferon alpha subtypes (19,241- 19,985)

Purity: > 95%

Safety Testing: Each blood donation used for interferon production tested negative for: HIV-I, HIV-II, HCV, and syphilis antibodies; HBV surface antigen; and ALT (indicator for liver disease). Tests for Infective Sendai virus by egg infection assay were negative. Endotoxin level was measured at 0.06 units per vial by LAL assay.

Specific Activity: 1.0 x 10(6) units/mg

Bioactivity: Interferon was titrated with the use of the cytopathic effect inhibition assay as described [Rubinstein, S., Familletti, P.C., and Pestka, S.(1981) "Convenient Assay for Interferons," J. Virol. 37, 755-758; Familletti, P.C., Rubinstein, S., and Pestka,S. (1981) "A Convenient and Rapid Cytopathic Effect Inhibition Assay for Interferon," in Methods in Enzymology,Vol. 78 (S. Pestka, ed.), Academic Press, New York, 387-394]. In this antiviral assay for interferon about 1 unit/ml of interferon is the quantity necessary to produce a cytopathic effect of 50%. The units are determined with respect to the international references standard for human interferon alpha A (Hu-IFN-aA) provided by the National Institutes of Health [see Pestka, S.(1986) "Interferon Standards and General Abbreviations," in Methods in Enzymology (S.Pestka, ed.), Academic Press, New York 119, 14- 23]. Unit of activity measured on bovine MDBK cells with vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV).

Shipping Information:

Date Shipped:

Shipping temperature: Wet ice

Physical State of Product During shipping: Lyophilized powder.

Special Conditions/Comments: After receipt, this product should be kept at 4'C or below for retention of full activity. After reconstitution, the contents of the tube should be apportioned in separate tubes so that freezing and thawing is kept to a minimum. Reconstituted matrial should be stored at -70'C or below for retention of full activity.

This Product is for Research Use Only and is not for sale or use in any commercial kit or for use in the preparation of any commercial antibody.


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