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Human Interferon Alpha Subtypes-Sampler Pack (click on the below chart to see additonal information on the various recombinant interferon alpha subtypes available through RDI Divison of Fitzgerald Industries Intl.)

While Human Interferon Alpha A (HU-IFN-alpha A) has worked reasonably well in most applications, there are twelve identified individual species in the human interferon alpha family, each with vastly different properties. Some have proven to be ten and twenty timres more effective then HU-IFN-alpha A in protecting a cell specific viruses. Nonetheless, ninety-nine percent of the human interferon-alpha sold for research is still IFN-alpha A (IFN-alpha2a) or the closely related IFN-alpha2 (IFN-alpha2B).

By testing and selecting specific alpha interferons to meet your research needs, not only could you see improved effectiveness and reduce the amount of material required, but you could increase your understanding of how interferons function.

 cat#RDI-PB11001  $875.00/12 vials as shown below (20Ku each vial)

-see right hand column for purchasing additonal individual vials

Catalog# Description Specifications Pricing ***
RDI-PB11100 Human Interferon Alpha A/2a 2 E08 U/mg $250.00/5MU
RDI-PB11115 Human Interferon Alpha B2/alpha 8 5 E08 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11120 Human Interferon Alpha C/alpha 10 8 E07 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11125 Human Interferon Alpha D/alpha 1 5 E07 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11130 Human Interferon Alpha F/alpha 21 6.3 E08 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11135 Human Interferon Alpha G/alpha 5 2.3 E08 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11145 Human Interferon Alpha H2/alpha 14 1  E-8 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11150 Human Interferon Alpha I/alpha 17 2   E08 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11160 Human Interferon Alpha J/alpha 7 2.1 E08 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11165 Human Interferon Alpha K/alpha 6 1.5 E08 U/mg $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11180 Human Interferon Alpha 4b/alpha 4 $406.00/100Ku
RDI-PB11190 Human Interferon Alpha WA (alpha 16) $406.00/100KU

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