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Human Cytokine/Growth Factor/Chemokines Sample Spec sheets (subject to change without notice):

Recombinant Human CD152-muIgG (CD152-muIg) fusion Protein

also binds to mouse CD80/CD86

Background: Human CD152 (CTLA4)muIg is a cell surface glycoprotein expressed at low levels on activated T cells. CD152 is a hgh affinity receptor for the costimulatory molecules CD80 (B7-1) and CD86 (Bt-2) and appears to function as a negative regulator of T cell activation. A soluble fusion protein combining the extracellular (125aa) domain of human CD152 and murine IgG2a Fc(VTLA4 Igg) was developed.

cat# RDI-CD152FU-AG      Price: $562.00/25ug

package: 25 micrograms (preservative free) in 63ul (0.4mg/ml) 50mM sodium phosphate pH7.5, 100mM Potassium Chloride, 150mM NaCl.Product was filtered through 0.1um and vialed under aseptic conditions. Tighten Cap and centrifuge 1 minute at 1000 rpm to concentrate material in vial prior to use.

Cell Line: BHK

Mw: a soluble 110kd dimeric fusion protein consisting of the extracellular (125aa) domain of human CTLA-4 fused to murine IgG2a Fc.

Activity: This human CD152-muIg binds with high affinity to human or mouse CD80 (B71) and CD86 (B7-2). CD152 Ig blocks   the binding of anti-CD80 and anti-CD86 mabs.
-can be used in histochemistry (frozen sections) and   flow cytometry

Storage: 2-5 DEG C (DO NOT FREEZE) aliquot and store in working aliquots.

For In Vitro Research Use Only.

also available:

conjugated to Biotin cat#RDI-CD152FUBT    $594.00/25ug

                       FITC cat#RDI-CD152FUFT      $750.00/50 tests

                           PE cat#RDI-CD152FUPE      $938.00/50 tests


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