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Human Cytokine/Growth Factor/Chemokines Sample Spec sheets (subject to change without notice):

Recombinant Human CD134L-muCD8 (4-1BB LIGAND) fusion Protein

Background: Human CD134L (OX-40 Ligand) is a type II membrane   protein with homology to TNF which is expressed on   activated B cells and activated endothelial cells.   CD134L is involved with costimulatory activity between   B cells and T cells (1). CD134L-muCD8 fusion protein binds to CD134 positive cells in Flow cytometry.

cat# RDI-CD134LFU-AG   Price: $531.00/25ug

package: 25 micrograms (preservative free) in 50ul (0.5mg/ml) 50mM sodium phosphate pH7.5, 100mM Potassium chloride, 50mM NaCl.Product was filtered through 0.1um and vialed under aseptic conditions. Tighten Cap and centrifuge 1 minute at 1000 rpm to concentrate material in vial prior to use.

Transfectant Cell Line: CHO

PRODUCTION: Fusion protein from (low FBS containing) tissue culture supernatant of transfectants was purified using size exclusion chromatography

Mw: A soluble molecule consisting of the extracellular domain (132 aa) of human CD134L fused to the extracellular domain (167aa) of murine CD8 alpha.

Use: Immunochemistry Applications: Flow cytometry Blocking Elisa Frozen Sections

Storage: 2-5 DEG C (DO NOT FREEZE) aliquot and store in working aliquots.

ref: 1) W. R. Godfrey, et al, (1994) J Exp Med 180: 757-763.

       2). L.M. Higgins, et al, (1999) J Immunol 162: 486-493.

      3) A.D. Weinberg, et al, (1999) J Immunol 162:   1818-1826.

Assay: Five x 10 E05 cultured human HPB-MLT cells per tube were washed and incubated 45 minutes on ice with 80 ul of CD134L-muCD8 at a concentration of 20 ug/ml. Cells were washed twice and incubated with 2o reagent anti-mouse CD8a/R-PE after which they were washed three times, fixed and analyzed using a BD FACS Calibur. Cells stained positive with a mean shift of 0.7 log10 fluorescent units when compared to a buffer control at a similar concentration.

For In Vitro Research Use Only.

also available: conjugated to

Biotin  cat#RDI-CD134LFUBT    $625.00/25ug

FITC   cat#RDI-CD134LFUFT     $750.00/50 tests

PE      cat#RDI-CD134LFUPE     $938.00/50 tests


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