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  ANTIGENS/Pure Proteins 

(for in vitro research use only)

Research Diagnostics Inc  offers a wide line of  antigens for use in histochemistry, ELISA, and further manufacturing use. Please inquire for other antigens or antibodies to use with these products. Please inquire for Bulk quantities-significant discounts available!

Transferrin receptor (see also related antibodies for blotting & ELISA below)

CAT# RDI-TRSFRNREC-AG    $ 500.00/0.1 milligram

                                                    $1400.00/0.5 milligram

                                                    $2000.00/1.0 milligram

Source: Human placenta

Blood sample from the tissue donor was tested and   found negative for HBsAg.HIV-1 antibodies and HCV.

Purification: Transferrin receptor was isolated from human placenta by modified method of anderson G.J.,Mac Kerras /a., Powel L.W. and Halliday J.W. (Biochim. Biophys, Acta 884, 225-233,1986).

Purity: More than 95% (SDS-PAGE).

The activity was measured qualitatively according to the method described in the above mentioned article. Protein content was determined by Lowry method using BSA as a standard.

Presentation: 1. In liquid form In 50 mM HEPES pH 7,4, 1 M KCl,

                          0.1% CHAPA, 0.01% NaN3  OR

                     2. In lyophilized form

For In Vitro Research Use Only

Monoclonal anti-human Transferrin Receptor

Clone: 7-1 (cat#RDI-TRK4TR26-71)      

           6F11 (cat#RDI-TRK4TR26-6F11)

 $350.00/mg   $300.00/mg 2-4mg, $250.00/mg 6-20mg

These clones have been derived from hybridization of Sp2/0 myeloma cells with spleen cells of a Balb/c mice immunized with purified transferrin receptor

Isotype: IgG2b for clone 7-1,    IgG2a for clone 6F11

Purification: Protein A Sepharose Puirty tested by electrophoresis

Specificity: human transferrin receptor

Reactivity: Detection of human transferrin receptor by ELisa and   Western blotting.

PRESENTATION: Each monoclonal is delivered in a sealed vial at a concentration of 1 milligram of murine monoclonal antibody dissolved in 1.0 ml (1.0mg/ml) of phosphate buffered saline containing 0.1% sodium azide. We recommend that each laboratory determine an optimum working titer for use in its particular application.

Storage: Purified monoclonal antibodies are generally stable for period at 4 DEG C. However repeated warming to room temperature and re-cooling may result in loss of activity and hence working titre.

FOR IN VITRO RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE IN OR ON HUMANS OR ANIMALS-NOT FOR DIAGNOSTICS. Not responsible for any Patent infringements with use or derivation of these products. Contains sodium azide (0.1%)-observe proper precautions.

-:clone 2H10 no longer available

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