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  ANTIGENS/Pure Proteins 

(for in vitro research use only)

RDI Divison of Fitzgerald Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antigens for use in histochemistry, ELISA, and further manufacturing use. Please inquire for other antigens or antibodies to use with these products. Please inquire for Bulk quantities-significant discounts available!

-see also antibodies to cytokeratins

CAT# RDI-PRO62222    $312.00/100ug

           RDI-PRO62022    $500.00/250ug

Molecular Weight 48,553 (calculated from sequence), 424 amino acids

46,000 (determined by SDS gel electrophoresis)

Source E. Coli

Application :  Protein standard in 1D and 2D SDS- gel electrophoresis


                       Antigen for immunisation

Purity >95% determ. by SDS-PAGE

Isoelectric point pH I: 5.66

Reconstitution (100ug) 70ul DI water (final volume 100ul)

                       (250ug) 175ul DI water(final volume 250ul)

Final solution contains: contain 30mM Tris/HCl pH 8, 9.5M urea, 2mM EDTA, 2mm DTT, 10mM methyamonium chloride,with a protein conc. of 1mg/ml

Special Conditions:

-For immunization purposes, the solution can be further   dialyzed against PBS).

-reconstitution to filaments is performed by mixing equimolar amounts of   cytokeratins of Type 1 and type II at concentrations of approx 0.5mg/ml,   both dissolved in 9.5M urea buffer (as per above formulation)   Protofilaments and filament complexes are obtainined by dialyzing   the resulting polypeptide stepwise to a concentration of 4M urea and   then to low salt concentration (50mM NaCl, 2mM dithiothreitol, 10 mM Tris-HCL, pH 7.4).

see J. Cell Biol 101, 1826-1841 and   J. Mol. Biol 197(237-255)

Storage -at 4 Deg.C (lyoph.)-20 DEG C (diluted) Avoid frequent   freeze thaw cycles

References: Moll et al (1990) J. Cell Biol 111, 576-580

                    Moll et al (1993) Differentiation 53, 75-93

                    Eur J Cell Biol 72:122-132(1997)

Strictly for in vitro research use only-not for use in or on humans or animals-not for diagnostics

RDI Divison of Fitzgerald Industries Intl

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Concord MA 01742-3049


phone (978) 371-6446 or (800) 370-2222

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