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  ANTIGENS/Pure Proteins 

(for in vitro research use only)

RDI Divison of Fitzgerald Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antigens for use in histochemistry, ELISA, and further manufacturing use. Please inquire for other antigens or antibodies to use with these products. Please inquire for Bulk quantities-significant discounts available!



: CAT# RDI-PRO62002      $375.00

Molecular Weight 100 000

Source Chicken gizzard

Application: Protein standard in 1D and 2D SDS-gel electrophoresis


                   Antigen for immunisation

Purity Greater than 95%; determ. by SDS-PAGE

1)    a-actin;                                                 _____ a

2)     myosin (a),

        B-galactosidase (b),                             _____ b

        phosphorylase B (c),                ___

                                                                    _____ c

        BSA (d),                                             _____ d

        ovalbumin (e)

                                                                    _____ e

                                                          1           2

Amount 250ug (lyoph.,salt balanced)

ORDER NO:RDI-CBL62002   (250ug)

Isoelectric point pHl 5.8

Reconstitution (250ug) when reconstituted with 250ul H20 bidest,vol.(final vol.250ul) will contain 20mM Tris/Acetate, pH 7.6,0.1 mM EDTA, 2mM DTT, 20mM NaCl, with a protein conc. of 1mg/ml (according to Bradford protein det.).

Storage at 4Deg.C (lyoph.)   at -20Deg.C (sol.)

Reference:Duhaiman, A.S. and Bamburg.J.R.:Isolation of brain alpha-actinin.1:s characterization and a comparison of its properties with those of muscle alpha-actinins.Biochem, 23, 1600 ff,(1934)

Feramisco,J.R.and Burridge, K.:A rapid purification of a-actinin,filamin and a 130,000 dalton protein from smooth muscle,J.Biol.Chem. 255, 1194 ff, (1980).

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