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  ANTIGENS/Pure Proteins 

(for in vitro research use only)

RDI Divison of Fitzgerald Industries Intl  offers a wide line of  antigens for use in histochemistry, ELISA, and further manufacturing use. Please inquire for other antigens or antibodies to use with these products. Please inquire for Bulk quantities-significant discounts available!

Complement reagents  

NOTE: Complement products are custom produced (generally 7-14 days for delivery after order. These products CANNOT Be cancelled after order)

-Standard Rabbit and Guinea Pig Complement are produced from the blood of normal, healthy, fasted adult New Zealand White rabbits and Hartley guinea pigs. The blood is collected and processed within 2 hours at low temperatures. these procedures insure a minimum of biodegradation to yield high complement activity sera. They are supplied as frozen sera in various sizes convenient for single use. All complement sera require shipment on dry ice ($62.00)

Adsorbed Complement Products are prodcued by adsobing freshly prepared complement serum with cells in order to remove background lytic activity for specific cells. The total processing time for adsorbed complement products is less than 3 hours. Guinea Pig Complement Adsorbed with mouse Cells exhibits very low toxicity for mouse lymphocytes. Guinea Pig Complement adsorbed with sheep RBCs exhibits very low hemolytic activity to sheep red blood cells. Rabbit Complement adsorbed with Mouse cells exhibits very low toxcity for mouse lymphocytes.

Titered Complement Products  are tested adsorbed complement products. Product potency sheets are supplied with each of these titered products. The product potency sheet supplied with complement titered against mouse lymphocytes lists results of cytotoxicity assay perfromed on antisera sensitized and unsensitized mouse lymphocytes. The product potency sheet supplied with guinea pig complement titered again sheep red blood cells lists the number of hemolytic units pe rml of complement on optimally sensitized fresh sheep red blood cells and unsensitized fresh cells using referenced procedures. the test results supplied with titered complement products gives the user reference values for the complement activity of the lot purchased rather than the qualitative catalog description usually offered for such tested products.

RABBIT Complement

Product Catalog# Amount Price Catalog# Amount Price
Standard Rabbit Complement RDI-C4000-IC


10 X 1ml

5 X 5ml









Rabbit Complement adsorbed with

mouse cells

RDI-C4001-IC 5 X 1ml $281.00     RDI-C4001-5IC 5 X 4ml $594.00
Rabbit Complement Titered

against mouse lymphocytes

RDI-C4002-IC 5 X 1ml $312.00     RDI-C4002-5IC 5 X 4ml $594.00

GUINEA PIG Complement

  Bulk quotes on request

Product Cat# Amount Price       Cat# Amount Price
Standard Guinea Pig Complement RDI-C1000-IC



5 X 3ml



RDI-C1000-30IC 30ml $594.00
Guinea Pig Complement adsorbed

with Mouse cells

RDI-C1001-IC 5 X 1ml $344.00       RDi-C1001-5IC 5 X 5ml $688.00
Guinea Pig Complement adsorbed

with sheep RBCs

RDI-C1011-IC 5 X 1ml $344.00       RDI-C1011-5IC 5 X 5ml $688.00
Guinea Pig Complement titered

against mouse lymphocytes

RDI-C1002-IC 5 X 1ml $344.00       RDI-C1002-5IC 3 X 5ml $750.00
Guinea Pig Complement titered

against sheep RBCs

RDi-C1012-IC 5 X 1ml $344.00       RDi-C1012-5IC 3 X 5ml $750.00

Rat Complement, Mouse Complement and Hamster Complement sera are available as forzen liquids in convenient singel use sizes. These complement sera are produced from our colony of outbred animals usingthe techniques described for rabbit and guinea pig complement. The rat, mouse and hamster complement sera ARE NOT absorbed, they must be tested for complement activity by the user.

Product Cat# Amount Price CAT# Amount Price
Rat Complement RDI-C5000-IC


5 X 1ml

2 X 5ml









Mouse Complement RDI-C3000-IC 5 X 1ml $312.00 RDI-C3000-2IC 2 X 5ml $500.00
Hamster Complement RDI-C1400-IC 5 X 1ml $438.00 RDI-C1400-2IC 2 X 5ml $688.00

For In Vitro Research Use Only

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